‘The Good Detective’ Jang Seung-jo assaulted by Oh Jeong-se, shock ending

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‘The Good Detective’ Jang Seung-jo was attacked by Oh Jeong-se and made him wait for the next episode with a shock ending. The audience rating was 6.4% nationwide and 7.5% in the metropolitan area, keeping the No. 1 spot in Monday and Tuesday dramas for three consecutive weeks. (Nielsen Korea, based on paid furniture)

In the 11th episode of JTBC’s Monday and Tuesday drama ‘The Good Detective’ (played by Choi Jin-won, director Cho Nam-guk, production Blossom Story, JTBC Studio), Gang Do-chang (Son Hyun-ju) and Oh Ji-hyuk (Jang Seung-jo) were in a trap set by the 2nd team. I watched the meeting between Oh Jong-Tae (Oh Jeong-se) and Cho Seong-dae (Cho Jae-ryong). Afterwards, Cho Seong-dae, whose identity was revealed as “a suspect who fled after a criminal assault,” felt pressure and prepared for the smuggling. It was to get rid of the accomplices who were chased by the police.

Strong 2 team that followed after confirming that the movement of Cho Sung-Dae was different from usual. Gang Do-chang (Son Hyun-ju) thought that he would be cooperative with the investigation because he saved the life of the Cho Seong-dae who fell in blood. However, Cho Seong-dae remained silent. Ironically, it was Oh Jong-tae who made him open his mouth as a reference. He, who denied that “I don’t know, I am that kind of person,” expressed Cho Seong-dae as ‘a rubbish man’, and this was delivered to the control room where Oh Ji-hyuk and Cho Sung-dae were intact. It was the moment when Cho Seong-dae, who had been silent, changed his mind.

Finally, Oh Jong-tae and Cho Seong-dae sat face to face in the interrogation room. Gang Do-chang and Oh Ji-hyuk’s strategy was to drive down Oh Jong-tae, who tried to kill not only Park Geon-ho, but also Cho Seong-dae, to lose their composure. It was to confirm the true intentions of the two. Excited Jong-Tae Oh said, “Did I try to kill you? And I was the person who told me to kill Park Geon-ho?”, and Cho Seong-dae, who had been silent until now, finally opened his mouth, “Are you right?”. Only then, realizing that it was a trap, Oh Jong-tae called an attorney saying, “It’s only a one-sided argument,” and left the police station.

Looking back at Oh Jong-tae, Gang Do-chang, who smiled brightly said “I caught Oh Jong-tae”. But Oh Ji-hyuk could not hide his unpleasant heart. Oh Jong-tae, who said, “You must remember what you said to me in the past,” left the meaningful words “Remember, by all means” until the end of the police station. The meaning was revealed the next day. At the request of lawyer Oh Jong-tae, Oh Jong-tae wields a knife toward Oh Ji-hyuk, who returned to the site of Park Geon-ho’s murder to supplement the scene.

In the last 10 episodes, Oh Jong-tae gave a bloody instruction to Cho Seong-dae, saying, “If Oh Ji-hyuk gets fired, kill him.” Oh Ji-hyuk, who noticed the scheme of cousin Oh Jong-tae, said, “If you want to kill me, do it yourself. Don’t buy people with the money your uncle gave you,” warned, and Oh Jong-tae did this. Oh Jong-tae and Oh Ji-hyuk faced the worst crisis. It was an ending that exploded curiosity in the next episode of ‘The Good Detective’, not over until the end.

Meanwhile, the background of the executions on this day was revealed. Yoo Jeong-seok (Ji Seung-hyun), who discovered a transcript containing the corruption of the police and prosecutors in the past, proposed the option to “execute the execution of the death penalty” to the Ministry of Justice. And now, the reason why he asked Jin Seo-kyung (Elijah Lee) to disclose the transcript file was to lay the groundwork for the abolition of the death penalty.

Even another suspicion surrounded him. It was the murder of detective Jang Jin-soo five years ago. According to former District Prosecutor Kim Ki-tae (Son Byung-ho), Yoo Jeong-seok was in the “the day that detective Jang Jin-soo died, at the same place” five years ago. It may have been to see someone, but the time coincided with the same place as the murder scene.

So Oh Jong-tae, who had a question, “Is it that Yoo Jeong-seok killed detective Jang Jin-soo?” How did he get involved with the Jang Jin-soo detective? It was a moment when the doubts about Yoo Jung-seok on both faces of the creepy amplified.

‘The Good Detective’ will be broadcast at 9:30 pm on the 11th.


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