‘The taste of wife’ Chinese mom, YouTuber Sinnim and a top-notch collab…

[Intern reporter Lee Hae-jeong, Daily Economy Star Today]

‘The taste of Wife’ Ham So-won’s mother-in-law, Mama from China, will achieve an all-time collaboration with the strongest cover makeup player and first-generation beauty creator Sinnim.

TV Chosun’s entertainment program ‘The Taste of Wife’ broadcasted on the 4th broke through the 11% average audience rating in the Nielsen Korea metropolitan area, and soared to the highest rating of 13.3%. The audience rating was renewed, and it proved that it was a trusted and watched entertainment on Tuesday night.

In ‘The Taste of Wife’, which airs on the 11th, Chinese Mama, who has become popular like an entertainer and a ‘hot celebrity’ who has been driving issues since the opening of SNS, will be on a Youtube video of Sinnim, the first-generation beauty creator with 1.6 million followers. It is expected that the home theater will be wrapped in laughter with a challenge and an unprecedented cover makeup.

Mama, who had recorded a high number of views of more than 3 million views with director Yang Chi-seung last time, has risen to the top of the list in the YouTube industry who wants to collaborate. In response to Mama’s popular moves, Sinnim the beauty YouTube world legend and active broadcaster, the king of cover make-up, sent a love call to Mama. This led to Mama’s ‘YouTuber Challenge 2’ opened the prelude.

Mama, who visited Sinnim in person, was surprised with her eyes wide open in the studio and equipment set professionally for YouTube broadcasting, and she was surprised at the ‘My.mouth.My.View’ corner where she put on a review, which is one of the most topical contents of Sinnim. Challenged. Moreover, Mama, who was in charge of the ‘Middle-aged Swimsuit’ review, showed a breathtaking and shocking swimsuit visual on her skin-colored underwear, and completed the ‘Mama’s Swimwear Review’ to snatch attention.

In particular, Shin’s cosmetics that will make ‘cosmetic enthusiasts’ enthusiasm were revealed one after another, attracting attention. Like a beauty creator, Sinnim possessed thousands of cosmetics, and Mama, who was looking at the cosmetics that filled one wall, also poured out admiration with ‘Little Reaction’. However, before the full-fledged makeup, Mama, who was wearing a mask pack, suddenly unfolded an instinctive look at her daughter-in-law’s wish, raising questions.

On the other hand, Mama and Sinnim started to ‘cover makeup’, the highlight of the scene, and showed professional makeup makeup. Mama challenged the makeup of the late Jang Guk-young’s life movie ‘Lord King Byeol-hee’, and succeeded in transforming the synchro rate 100% with the gold hand of veteran beauty creator Sinnim. While Mama, who was integrated with makeup, ruined the filming site by pretending to be a parody of the famous scene of King Byeol-hee, Shin also transformed into a character of King Byeol-hee and showed a fantasy chemistry. As expected, attention is being paid to whether the two people’s ‘Lord King Byeol-hee cover makeup video’ can be completed safely.

The production crew said, “Chinese Mama is always receiving hot support from middle-aged viewers who love ‘The taste of wife’ with a girlish sunshine and positive attitude,” and “Chinese Mama’s daily challenge to YouTube will continue. It is expected to be. We ask for your generous encouragement to Mama’s delightful YouTuber challenge.’

Meanwhile, the TV Chosun entertainment program ‘The taste of wife that is nowhere in the world’ will be broadcast at 10 pm on the 11th.


Photo courtesy| TV Chosun’Wife’s Taste’

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