‘Cashback’ poster unveiled, physical battles of high-ranking fighters…

[Reporter Jeong-eun Sung on Daily Economy Star Today]

The poster that the cast of ‘Cashback’, a new TV show that make viewers expect physical battles between crews, was unveiled.

‘Cashback’ is an ultra-large sports game show jointly organized by CJ ENM and the leading American TV program producer, Bunim-Murray Productions. ‘Cashback’, which was broadcast in a two-part series in April, has a total of six sports, martial arts, ice, wrestling, basketball, water polo, and gymnastics, and 18 national-level athletes united in ‘Cashmon Hunters’ to compete.

On the 12th, the production crew of ‘Cashback’ released the main poster with the appearance of the cast members of the highest level of passion. In the poster that was released, Kim Dong-hyun, Lee Sang-hwa, Na Tae-ju, Choo Seong-hun, singer Kim Yo-han, Hwang Chi-yeol, volleyball player Kim Yo-han, Gary, and Nichkhun each capture their eyes with poses that make full use of their individuality.

In particular, the various appearances of the Hunters, such as Kim Dong-hyun and Hwang Chi-yeol, who seem to have grabbed Cashmon right away, Lee Sang-hwa, who seems to have a tremendous determination at the starting line, and Choo Seong-hun and Gary, are curious about the first game. Add

In addition, it is expected that it will be fun to predict who will win and how many Cashmons each game, like a copy of ‘Catch it, it becomes money!’ You can check which team will visit viewers at 9 PM on the 25th (Tuesday).

The production crew of ‘Cashback’ said, “An exciting match is waiting for the hunters who don’t spare their body to be the biggest difficulty in predicting the outcome of the match. Even now after the first shoot, the lingering lingering of the time remains. How to form a team in the future. I hope that you can look forward to seeing viewers.”


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