Law Firm LIWU “We are monitoring malicious comments against Lee Min-ho” (official)

[Reporter Han Hyun-jung, Daily Economy Star Today]

LIWU, a law firm, is monitoring malicious comments against top star Lee Min-ho.

Recently, through the website of the law firm LIWU, “We are monitoring illegal posts, such as character assassination, sexual harassment, dissemination of false facts, and malicious rumors against actor Lee Min-ho of MYM Entertainment.”

Next, “D.C. Inside, cafés, blogs, etc., the dementation of malicious comments, recommendations and requests for deletion of malicious comments, construction of malicious comments, and criminal complaints are the basic tasks. Among the reports received by e-mail from MYM. We’re building a list of bad guys by collecting illegal cases, so please report a lot.”

Earlier, Lee Min-ho’s agency, MYM Entertainment, also said, “We announce  that we are in the process of legal response to online trolls who have indiscriminately posted posts and comments based on malicious slander and unfounded false facts about Lee Min-ho.”

The agency said, “We judged that the level of abuse and repetitive posting has reached a level that cannot be overlooked. We have checked malicious posts and comments through self-monitoring and reports from fans, and have continued to identify the level. On the basis of the collected evidence, a complaint was filed with the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office on May 22 for defamation pursuant to Article 70 of the Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection, and insulting charges pursuant to Article 311 of the Criminal Act. The agency said that it has already filed a complaint.

“We plan to respond strictly so that we can pay a fair price without any prejudice or agreement in the future,” the agency said. “The mental stress and psychological wounds of the artists and fans who have watched it are great due to the violation that has continued for many years. In addition, slander due to false facts. As it is a matter that leads to a situation where the honor and image of the artist is hurt by demeanor, we plan to proceed with active legal response in the future, so we ask for the continued interest and information of the fans,” the agency warned.

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