Lee Pool-yip unveils a song for her dad ‘Is this love?’

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

Endless love for her father opened the way for her singer’s debut by proving ‘SNS filial piety’.

New singer Lee Pool-yip made her first step in the music industry on August 4th by releasing the single’Is this love?’ The debut song of daughter Lee Pool-yip, who made her father, singer Lee Dong-eun, at the center of the topic as ‘a father of 1 million views’, is also meaningful.

‘Is this also love’, which reached the top 100 on the Melon real-time chart after about six months after the announcement by his father, and announced’Is this love?’.

Lee Pool-yip’s live video, which he sang in the form of an answer to promote his father Lee Dong-eun’s ‘Is this Love,’ on social media, gained as much popularity as the original song, exceeding 1 million views. While many people who listened to the music continued to request the release of the sound source, the lyrics sung in opposition to the original song are gaining sympathy and response.

The new song is an acoustic guitar with a newtro sensibility that feels like autumn, and the fresh, unaffected voice of the leaf is attractive. The acoustic guitar performance of Korea’s best guitarist Ham Chun-ho and the voice full of soul sensibility of Lee Pool-yip form a wonderful ensemble, conveying another impression from the original song, drawing a heart of sad love.

The management company Sonamu Music said, “It shows a different charm from the existing female vocal ballads that melt gently and softly. It will be,” expressed an expectation.

Meanwhile, Lee Dong-eun recorded ‘Chart In’ 30 years after his debut song ‘Winter Sea’, which he released as a member of the blue sky in 1987, gained popularity, showing off his popularity. Recently, he was selected as a DJ at TBN Gyeongin Transportation Broadcasting’s ‘Studio 1005’ and is meeting listeners from 9 am to 11 am, Monday to Friday.


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