Ma Dong-seok confirmed to appear in the ‘Apgujeong Report’. What kind of movie is it?

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Actor Ma Dong-seok confirmed to appear in the ‘Apgujeong Report’ (tentative title).

The movie ‘Apgujeong Report’ (provisional title) is the story of Dae-guk, born in Apgujeong (played by Ma Dong-Seok), and ‘Ji-woo’ (played by Jeong Kyung-ho), a tough plastic surgeon who only has the ability to believe, opening the heyday of the plastic surgery business in Gangnam. Director Lim Jin-soon of ‘People of the Neighborhood’ is in charge of directing. Including Ma Dong-seok, Jeong Kyung-ho, Oh Nara, Oh Yeon-seo, cast a splendid lineup.

Ma Dong-seok is a native of Apgujeong, who boasts a fiery, remote place, and was cast in the role of an unemployed man. Ma Dong-seok boasted a powerful ticket power with box offices such as ‘Train to Busan’, ‘With God’ series, and ‘Criminal City’. In particular, it is a point of interest to see what kind of activity Ma Dong-seok, who appeared in Marvel Studio’s ‘Eternals’ as ‘Gilgamesh’, and who stood shoulder to shoulder with world stars, will perform in the ‘Apgujeong Report’ (tentative title).

Jeong Kyung-ho, who has shown excellent acting skills across characters and genres, plays the best plastic surgeon ‘Ji-woo’. He is planning to draw a doctor character in a 180-degree different style from the recent ‘Sleek Doctor Life’.

Oh Nara played the role of ‘Mi-jeong’ who jumped into the Apgujeong plastic surgery business with Ji-woo and Dae-guk. It raises expectations for what Oh Nara, who showed a clear presence in the bedroom through ‘Sky Castle’, will show. Oh Yeon-seo is making a comeback on the screen after a long time. She will play the role of ‘Kyu-ok’, the president of a high-end beauty salon and a character who has an unrecognizable charisma, creating curiosity.

The ‘Apgujeong Report’ (tentative title), which has completed such a solid lineup, is scheduled to be cranked in August.

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