ONEUS Seoho X Ido unveils the concept video of’Tobe or Nat to Be’…’Intense Impact’

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

Boy group ONEUS released the concept video of the new song ‘TO BE OR NOT TO BE’ for the first time.

One Earth presents the personal concept video of Seoho and Leedo of the title song ‘TO BE OR NOT TO BE’ of the fourth mini-album ‘LIVED’ on the official SNS at 0 o’clock on the 12th, and raised expectations for a comeback.

The released video shows the image of One Earth suffering from a calm dream turning into a nightmare. Seoho, who sleeps peacefully under the bright light, is bound by a red cloth and suffers, cannot move, and despairs. Seoho in his empty eyes stands out.

On the other hand, Leedo is completely engulfed in a bathtub filled with red blood. As if he gave up everything, his emotions became intense, giving him a strong impact.

Particularly, the melody of ‘Intro: LIVED’, which opens the door to this album along with the video, is partially revealed, revealing the conflict and agony of One Earth standing on the border between life and death.

On the 19th, ONEUS will release their 4th mini album ‘LIVED’. The new mini-album ‘LIVED’ contains the life value of ONEUS, who chooses his own destiny. One Earth will show a fiery will to pioneer the destiny given by the hot vitality of ONEUS.

In addition, the title song ‘TO BE OR NOT TO BE’ is paying attention to the upgraded appearance of ‘Stage Genius’ by unraveling One Earth’s agony in a tragic fate of choice with a powerful performance.

Meanwhile, ONEUS’s new mini album ‘LIVED’ will be released for the first time at 6 pm on the 19th.

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