‘Seungriho’ Jin Seon-gyu transforms into a full body tattoo ‘Tiger Park’

[Reporter Han Hyun-jung, Daily Economy Star Today]

Jin Seon-gyu of ‘Space Sweepers’ is decomposed and transformed into ‘Tiger Park’.

Jin Seon-gyu, who perfectly digested any character, such as Sang-rak of ‘Criminal City’, detective Ma of ‘Extreme Job’, and Hae-ahn monk of ‘Sabaha’, filled the screen with an unrivaled presence regardless of genre. And, this time, he will play the role of ‘Tiger Park’, a character who has unexpected charms.

‘Space Sweepers’ is a movie about the story of the crew of the space garbage cleaner ‘ Space Sweepers’ jumping into a dangerous trade after discovering the humanoid robot ‘Dorothy’ known as a weapon of mass destruction in 2092.

Actor Jin Seon-gyu, who surprises the audience with every work, draws attention by showing another extraordinary transformation through ‘Space Sweepers’. ‘Tiger Park’, played by Jin Seon-gyu, wrecked the earth with an ax as a gang leader in the past, but now he is just a little bit of a little ‘Park’. He wants to be called ‘Tiger Park’, but all the crew members just call him ‘Park’, and they never listen to him.

However, ‘Tiger Park’ is the heart of the Space Sweepers, pumping the whole body constantly in the engine room, and controls the ‘Space Sweepers’. ‘Tiger Park’, wearing a look full of personality, including a tattoo drawn on the whole body, a unique dread hair, and a trademark titanium ax, has an appearance that cannot be easily approached, but has a more natural heart and conscience than anyone else. ‘Tiger Park”s tragic gaze in the published stills raises expectations about what kind of twisting charm he will show in the movie and accomplish his part.

Jin Seon-gyu said, “We discussed with the supervisor what if we gave him the feeling that he was neither an Earthman nor an alien. The skin is dark and the hair is changed to a dread style, and the audience will feel that ‘Jin Seon-gyu really has changed a lot this time’.”

Director Jo Sung-hee said, “’Tiger Park’ is the most moral and warm-hearted character in ‘ Space Sweepers’. The more I did, the more I wanted to look like someone who had a very scary first impression and appearance. Actor Jin Seon-gyu also had the same idea, and the appearance of the current ‘Tiger Park’ was born.” She revealed the story behind the birth of a unique character.

‘Space Sweepers’ will be released on September 23rd.


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