‘Twenty Twenty’ Director Han Su-ji “I have a lot of troubles since ‘A-TEEN’… I was talking about surpassing it.”

[Reporter Kim So-yeon, Daily Economy Star Today]

Director Han Su-ji revealed the reason for conceiving ‘Twenty Twenty’ after’A-teen’.

On the 12th, the production presentation of the playlist web drama ‘Twenty-Twenty’ (played by Sung So-eun, director Han Su-ji) was broadcast live through Naver V Live. To prevent the spread of Covid-19, Han Sung-min, Kim Woo-seok, Park Sang-nam, Kang Yoo-chan, Chae Won-bin, Jin Ho-eun, and the director Han Su-ji attended the online production presentation.

‘Twenty-Twenty’ is a teen drama about the growth of 20-year-old Chae Da-hee (played by Han Sung-min), who just followed her mother’s decision, and 20-year-old Lee Hyun-jin (played by Kim Woo-seok) who was independent from his parents.

Director Han Su-ji said, “After ending the ‘A-teen’ series, I had a lot of trouble. I wanted to show a different story beyond that.” She said, “When I saw a comment saying that I like growing up with (‘A-TEEN’), I naturally thought about 20 years old. When it comes to planning intention and message, ‘I’, a story of finding myself”.

‘Twenty-Twenty’ will be released for the first time on Naver TV at 7 pm on the 15th, and pre-release every Wednesday and Saturday at 7 pm. On YouTube, it will be released every Wednesday and Saturday at 7pm starting at 7pm on the 22nd. From September 6th, it will be aired every Sunday at 11:50 pm on JTBC.


Photo| Naver TV broadcast screen capture
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