Lucy of ‘Ambience Pop’, a Cool Band that can follow Peppertones

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

The band LUCY expressed his ambition to lower the barriers to the band’s music with their own unique’colorful’ music.

On the afternoon of the 13th, a showcase to commemorate the release of Lucy’s new mini-album ‘PANORAMA’ was held at Ilji Art Hall in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul.

Lucy was the team that took second place in JTBC’s ‘Super Band’. On this day, Shin Ye-chan said, “We took second place in the’Super Band’. It’s already a year ago, but that’s not the end, but with Lucy and we united again,” said “All these moments are like dreams.”

Lucy is impressive that unlike other bands, she has a violinist instead of a lead guitar. Shin Ye-chan in charge of violin said, “Unlike ordinary bands, if you have a violin instead of a lead guitar, you can warmly embrace a lot of sounds. It seems that we can produce a wide range of our own tones.”

Choi Sang-yeop emphasized, “There are sometimes teams with violins overseas. We are unique in Korea.”

Shin Ye-chan said, “I’m trying to do my own thing that’s different from others, but what I had was passion,” and “I’m playing with strength in my arms.”

The fact that the drummer is a vocal is also Lucy’s unique part distribution. Regarding this, Shin Kwang-il said, “Originally, I was a person who played bass and vocals, but as a’super band’, I played drums to fill in the shortcomings. It was because I practiced.” He said, “Because it’s difficult to play drums and vocals when practicing, I play the drums while singing all the songs when I practice.”

Regarding Shin Kwang-il, Shin Ye-chan said, “Even if you learn a little bit of all instruments, you can achieve a high level. You are also good at composing. It is a fraudulent character.”

On this day, Lucy boasted of perfect teamwork with consistently warm comments about each other. Regarding their work style, Shin Ye-chan said, “If producer Won Sang-i takes a big frame, the members are working on ideas.” Jo Won-sang said, “I am not good at making decisions on my own, so I ask for a lot of advice from the members.”

Cho Won-sang said, “Sang-yeop helps me a lot when doing housework. I use a lot of straightforward speech, and Sang-yeop likes poetic and metaphorical expressions,” he said. “That part helped me a lot.” Choi Sang-yeop said, “If Won-sang sets a roughly large frame, he just throws an idea. Then it is adopted and used.”

Member Choi Sang-yeop is a member who joined Lucy lately. He said, “I joined the TOP3 concert at the end of the year after the end of the ‘Super Band’ last year. I joined it late, but the members had a very good foundation. It felt like a good castle even if I went naked.”

Shin Ye-chan said, “It would have been difficult for Sang-yeop to come in late, but he was actively adapting. The voice itself is unique and refreshing, so it goes well with Lucy.”

Choo Won-sang said, “I was looking very hard when I had no vocals, but as soon as I saw Sang-yeop, I felt like’this person I was looking for.’

Shin Kwang-il also said, “Because I’m a vocal, I’m so happy because my brother perfectly fills the parts I can’t fill.”

Choi Sang-yeop said, “Kwang-Il’s vocals are very stable and sweet. They are doing what I don’t have.”

The album consists of a total of 6 songs, including the title song’Jogging’,’Go to Awaken Watermelon’, ‘Straight Line’, ‘Missing Call’, ‘Enough’ and ‘Flare’. Lucy participated in not only producing, but also writing, composing, and arranging all songs.

Cho Won-sang explained, “I wrote songs in different genres at each time. From jazz style to rock, pop, and tropical. I wanted to show you that all genres are Lucy colors.”

The title song’Jogging’ features a refreshing melody line that bouncing and a tempo that runs fast like the title. To those who are just running like competing, they put warm lyrics saying that it would be nice to move in the direction they want to match their own speed.

Among the songs that have been released so far, they are praised for being the most’Lucy-like song’. Regarding the music video filming episode, Choi Sang-yeop said, “The weather was very hot on the day of the filming, but I ran incredibly hot weather to follow the title. As a side note, I also asked to  make the next title ‘Nap’.” He said, “It was rainy season, but fortunately, the days were nice and I was able to take pictures beautifully.”

What was the reaction of Yoon Jong-shin, a jury member of ‘Super Band’ and the current agency’s representative producer? Cho Won-sang said, “You complimented the lyrics a lot. Actually, I didn’t write without thinking about the situation where PD Yoon was traveling, but I’m very grateful if that heart was conveyed. But,’I think the lyrics were written by someone older than you. ‘I’ve said that,” he said.

What kind of music is Lucy aiming for? Choi Sang-yeop said, “The music that Lucy aims for is music of a unique and unique color. Rather than being simply defined as a band, I want to pioneer the genre of Lucy. I want to make you feel that it is Lucy’s music no matter what music you listen to.” said.

In addition, Cho Won-sang said, “Since the days of ‘Super Band’, our identity has been expressed as ‘Ambient Pop’. We made music by making good use of the surrounding white noise, so there was such a modifier. “It’s a good idea to call it Ambience Pop because it’s our goal when making music.”

The four-person four-color goal was also delivered. Cho Won-sang said, “I have big dreams and small dreams, but what I always want is that we are a little older but have spiritual energy. I want to bring the feeling of a musical band together with an active idol feeling. I want to be a successor.”

Shin Ye-chan said, “I want to find our own color. I think the color we have is cool. We are singing many songs, but personally I think our music is blue. I want to produce various kinds of blue.”

Shin Kwang-il said, “Thankfully, a good response is coming from abroad. If this time passes and there is an opportunity, I want to perform overseas and in South America.”

He also revealed his ambition to lower the barriers to the band’s music. Jo Won-sang said, “I thought that all other bands coming out these days are doing great tunes. I personally like Won-Wee, and I also like Day Six. I think that these bands are breaking all stereotypes that if they are completely bands, they are only rocking. He said, “We also wanted to join in and lower the hurdles of the band’s music.”

Soran Go Young-bae, who appeared as a showcase host for Lucy’s aspirations, said, “As a member of the traditional band music, I also felt more welcome. Especially in the case of ‘Jogging’, I feel as if I first met Peppertones. She is very popular like Lucy, but I hope there will be more teams that play their own music without compromising, so I want Lucy to do better.”

Lucy released the mini-album ‘PANORAMA’ through the online music site at 6 pm on the same day, and begins full-scale activities.

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