‘When I was the most beautiful’ Jisoo X Ha Seokjin, brothers with different personalities

[Reporter Kim So-yeon, Daily Economy Star Today]

In ‘When I Was the Most Beautiful’, Jisoo and Ha Seok-jin attract women’s hearts with different personalities.

MBC drama ‘When I Was the Most Beautiful’ (played by Jo Hyeon-kyung, director Oh Kyung-hoon, Song Yeon-hwa, production May Queen Pictures, Rae Mong-rae), first broadcast on the 19th, is known between the brothers who fell in love with a woman at the same time. A heartbreaking love story of a woman trapped in her fate.

In this regard, Jisoo will play the role of ‘Seo-hwan’, a passionate youth who loves his brother’s woman unrequited, and Ha Seok-jin, a car racer and a real bulldozer man who has fallen in love with his brother’s first love. In particular, the two have already aroused interest by predicting that they will play an active part as the fateful man who shakes the pure girl Lim Soo-hyang (play the role of Oh Ye-ji) who dreams of ordinary happiness.

Meanwhile, on the 13th, the staff of ‘When I Was the Most Beautiful’ reveals the stills containing the opposite charms of Jisoo and Ha Seok-jin on the 13th and draws attention. Jisoo is properly expressing a passionate youth character with a hot heart for first love with only a moist look and expression filled with excellence. On the other hand, Ha Seok-jin is a bulldozer real man with a straight instinct that neither weighs nor weighs. As can be seen from the published stills, it will capture the attention by showing off the opposite charm with Jisoo with a charismatic expression and a sexy force that grabs people.

In particular, the relationship between the brothers, which was special enough to express affection for each other without hesitation, raises questions about how the relationship will change after meeting Lim Soo-hyang, the woman of destiny. As Jisoo and Ha Seok-jin, who have completely different personalities, predict a more interesting synergy, expectations for the first broadcast are even higher.

MBC’s ‘ When I Was the Most Beautiful’ production crew said, “Jisoo and Ha Seok-jin will maximize the fun of the play with the skillful acting ability that enhances the attractiveness and preserves the charms of the opposite characters through organic breathing.” Please look forward to the brothers’ play, drama, and brothers’ chemi that will be unfolded.”

Meanwhile, MBC’s new Wednesday and Thursday drama ‘When I Was the Most Beautiful’ will be aired for the first time at 9:30 pm on August 19th.


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