‘December Marriage’ Park Bo-mi, her husband is soccer player “Park Yo-han” in FC Anyang

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

Comedian Park Bo-mi marries promising football player Park Yo-han.

Park Bo-mi and Park Yo-han will be holding their wedding on December 6th at the Eliena Hotel, Gangnam-gu, Seoul. The ceremony will be held privately with family and friends present.

Park Bo-mi and Park Yo-han decided to get married after a year or so. Park Bo-mi said, “The conversation works well and the gag code fits well. He is the person who helps me grow in a good direction,” she said. “With this person, I decided to marry because of the belief that I will be able to overcome difficulties even if I am with this person.”

In the wedding pictorial released by Happy Merid Company, 13 comedians of the 29th KBS, Park Yo-han, and Park Bo-mi, were together as bridesmaids. The 29th comedians gave strength with dresses and tuxedos to bless Park Bo-mi’s marriage, who became the 29th No. 1 ‘married woman’. Park Yo-han, the bride-to-be, also filled the wedding photo shoot with laughter, showing off the same talent as comedians.

Regarding the plans for activities after marriage, Park Bo-mi said, “I want to be busy in various ways.” “My husband(Park Yo-han) is a person full of talent. If a couple’s entertainment shows come in, I have a willingness to appear with him.”

She also directly announced the news of the marriage through her SNS. Park Bo-mi said, “Hello, this is Park Bo-mi! Everyone… I’m getting married. Who will be with me my whole life. I am Park Yo-han of the current K-League 2 FC Anyang,” she said. “This person is sincere and bright enough to make up his mind that he wants to share his life with him. Above all, he is also a person who is willing to exist just by his presence.”

Park Bo-mi debuted as a public comedian in the 29th KBS in 2014, and turned to an actor in 2017. She built filmography such as ‘Strong Woman Do Bong-soon’, ‘Mr. Sunshine’, and ‘Flower Padang: Chosun Marriage Workshop’.

Park Yo-han, who graduated from Kumho High School and Yonsei University, wore the uniform of the new club Gwangju FC through the 2011 K-League Draft. Since 2013, he has been active in Hummel in Chungju and the Mugunghwa Sports Team at the National Police Agency. Park Yohan, who joined Suwon FC in 2019, transferred to FC Anyang this summer.


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