‘Grand Mint Festival 2020’, everyone has the first time… ‘Moment of You’

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

‘The Moment of You’, which is newly introduced this year by ‘Grand Mint Festival 2020 / GMF2020,’ the best music festival in Korea, is a hot topic among musicians and agencies.

According to the contents released by the organizer’s Mint Paper in July, The Moment of You is a program that aims to illuminate ‘my first festival, your most shining moment’. Because of the music genre or tendency that does not suit the festival so far, the appropriate music festival is This is a new program for artists who have been active in the days when they were not there, and have had to long for the stage of music festivals from a distance because of unseen prejudices or reasons.

According to the organizers, many inquiries and receptions from the agency side are flooding with inquiries and receptions from musicians who were far from music festivals, such as idols and artists who were mainly active in the 80s and 90s, sympathizing with this purpose of The Moment of You.

In addition, artists who have shared a memorable moment at GMF, worthy of the name of Korea’s best music festival, are expected to participate in the campaign video of The Moment of You. Artists who have a close relationship with GMF first appear on GMF when they are rookies and stand as headliners on the main stage, or appear on GMF for the first time as performers and put their names on the lineup under their own name, meaning The Moment of You Seems to add.

The Grand Mint Festival 2020, which will be held at the Olympic Park for two days on October 24 and 25, will be held twice through the release of the lineup, Peppertones, 10CM, Soran, Daybreak, Jung Eun-ji, Younha, Jung Seung-hwan, Jeokjai, Solutions, Park Won, Dickpunks, Jung Sewoon, Hong Yi-sak 25 teams including Isaac, Lee Min-hyuk and Seol confirmed their appearance. On September 3rd, the 3rd lineup is expected to be announced.


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