Hansal Chai, Participated in’Amazing Legacy’ OST

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

This is a luxury OST that expresses the sensibility of parting by a mixed acoustic duo in musical language.

Hansal Chai will release the sound source on the 16th after finishing the recording of the track ‘I’ll leave for a moment’ after receiving an OST song proposal for the KBS1 daily drama ‘Amazing Legacy’.

The song ‘I’ll leave for a moment’ is a song that melts the pain of loving but having to leave for a while with lyrics that feel sad. It was completed with a well-made OST that matches the mood of a late summer night with freshness.

This song is produced by the major leaguer of the producing team, who participated in the OST work of numerous dramas such as dramas ‘Backstreet Rookie’, ‘VIP’, ‘Nobody knows’, ‘My only one’, and ‘The Lord’.

‘Amazing Legacy’ is a delightful yet warm family drama that depicts the process of going to the family love with four handsome youngest sons by marrying undercover with Bao Young-bae (Park In-hwan), a thirty-three penny maiden, Gong Se-ok (played by Kang Se-jeong), who is a wealthy son of eight hundred billion dollars. It is recording more than a rating.

OST production company Plush Media said, “This song ‘I’ll leave for a moment’ is a mixed acoustic duo Hansal Chai who is widely loved for its emotional voice and will add a deep sensitivity to the drama development with the voice of the mystery of member Lim Seong-hee.”

KBS1’s daily drama ‘Amazing Legacy’ OST Hansal Chai’s ‘I’ll Leave for a Time’ will be released on a domestic music site at 12 noon on the 16th.


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