“Lee Chi-hyun·Won Mi-yeon·JeA·Changmin, ‘Take the best photo in my life’”… first room on September 14th

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

A new romantic record with music and travel, SBS ‘Take the best photo in my life’ will be broadcast for the first time on September 14th.

In the TV show, Lee Chi-hyun, the protagonist of the original brother’s unit in the 1980s, and Won Mi-yeon, 7080 Sen-sister, JeA, the synonymous with pleasant vitamins, and the ballader Changmin, whom he believes and listens to, appear. From their 30s to 60s, the travel members with different personalities, tastes, and styles in different age groups will come with a fresh combination.

In particular, Lee Chi-hyun, who says that seeing the neon lights in the city makes her feel comfortable, Won Mi-yeon, who went to local events, and JeA, an unplanned improvised traveler, and Changmin, a thorough planning group from waking up to bedtime, seem to have no connection at all.’ Together with one common point of ‘music’, it presents unexpected chemistry and real fun.

‘I carry my backpack and take the best photo in my life’ is a romantic trip in a scenic place while traveling with delicious food and music. Musicians instantly sing to the sound of Lee Chi-hyun’s guitar accompaniment. From the songs of those days, which add to the romance of travel, to the famous medley of balladers who believe and listen to, the viewers are tempted once with their eyes to the beautiful scenery and twice with their ears to the sweet songs.

The only thing left in the trip is photography. During the trip, I constantly take pictures and select pictures of my life at the end of the trip. We reveal what pictures of their lives can look like that can keep the moments of their travels forever.

Their first destination is Yeongdeok-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do, a city of fresh air and blue sea. Instead of the schedule set by the production crew, the performers themselves choose tourist destinations and restaurants to travel. Upload photos to SNS in real time while traveling here. It will update the information on the travel destination by seeing the reaction of acquaintances and followers, and reflect it in the travel itinerary.

Meanwhile, ‘ Take the best photo in my life’ is scheduled to be broadcast every Monday starting at 6pm on September 14th.


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