Kwon Min-ah “The way of happiness is ‘practice'”

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Actress Kwon Min-ah, the former member of AOA, delivered a calm talk and determination as a ‘celebrity’ through a bnt pictorial interview.

Kwon Min-ah took a bnt pictorial even though it was the point at which she stopped her activities after the bullying exposure at the time of the AOA. Kwon Min-ah, who usually likes to take pictures and to be photographed, asked her impressions of taking pictures. “I am very happy. It’s a break these days, but the photo shoot schedule was really good. I like the suit, so I liked the concept of wearing a suit, but wearing a white dress came out well. So two are good. When it comes to taking pictures, it is best to take a pictorial. Make your hair and makeup pretty, and it looks different from the usual me. It was really more fun today and I am grateful.”

When asked how she is doing these days, he said, “I read pictures, books, take pictures, and do various things these days. They receive psychological treatment and write. And since I have sensitive skin, I am a little sensitive to cosmetics, but I want to make it myself because I want to try making it myself. I’m in love with making cream. I am dreaming of becoming a CEO of a cosmetic brand in the future and I am working hard.”

Kwon Min-ah showed off her beauty with various expressions and gestures throughout the photo shoot. Let’s compliment that she seems to have heard a lot about being pretty since she was active in a girl group. “I want to hear the words of being pretty. And I didn’t hear much more than I thought, so I want to hear more (laughs). Now that I have turned to an actor, I want to hear that I am good at acting, and I want to hear that acting is attractive. I also want to hear that there are colors. I want to hear compliments about acting now rather than looks.”

Kwon Min-ah has a cute nickname, ‘blind child’. When asked if the nickname was given simply because of the name, “There is something because of the name, but since I was a student, I was a little bit hard on my personality and I had a lot of hands. That’s why my friends called me ‘blind child’, but that’s been around so far, so I’m still ‘blind child’. I think it’s a cute nickname.” She showed affection for her nickname.

When asked about what made her dream of becoming a celebrity, she said, “I have been fond of watching dramas and music programs since I was a child. One day, I was really shocked to see Senior Lee Jung-hyun appear on TV and sing ‘Wow’. It was so cool. I felt like I should be a singer like that. From then on, I dreamed of becoming a celebrity. The role model is also Lee Jung-hyun. I still really like it. I recently watched the movie ‘Pinando’, and I still only saw Lee Jung-hyun,” she showed respect for Lee Jung-hyun.

When asked about her feelings on the 9th year of her debut, she said, “In fact, nothing has changed. It seems that the job of being a celebrity has changed (laughs). It is still amazing to see celebrities. There are people who recognize me on the street sometimes, but if you recognize me, I am embarrassed, so I can’t greet you right away. I’m a little sorry. There was no big slump while I was active, but when I was learning bass as a trainee, a big slump came. Singing, dancing, acting, and I liked these things, so I started as a trainee, but I didn’t know I was going to play the bass. It was really hard and it was heavier than my body. And when I was learning, I wasn’t good at it, so it seemed to hurt others, so I was embarrassed. I think that was the biggest slump,” she recalled.

Kwon Min-ah also published a book titled ‘The Stars Do Not Lose at Night’ while working as a girl group. When asked about the occasion, “I originally posted a lot of emotional writing and calligraphy pictures on Instagram. I’m very emotional, so I’m really interested in writing and painting. After seeing the Instagram posts and contacting me, it was a good opportunity to publish a book. A little regrettable was when I was preparing a book when I was filming a drama called MBC ‘Hospital Line’, so I couldn’t afford to go back and forth to Geoje Island. I feel like I could have done better if I had time. If there is another opportunity, then I will have to work really hard.”

SBS ‘Modern Farmer’, KBS2 ‘Please, mom’. When I asked her about the works she most attached to, she said, “Of course I am attached to all the works. Still, there are works that are most memorable and attached to. It is KBS2’s ‘Good Times’. In a way, it is a work that I think is a good first performance with a lot of volume. It’s a bright but sad role, so it was a role that I could play well and wanted to challenge. That’s why I worked hard and it was memorable.”

There must be one actor who wants to be with while acting. Who is such an actor for Kwon Min-ah? “I can answer right away without hesitation. I want to work with Hwang Jung-min. I went to a celebration performance at the Blue Dragon Film Festival and actually saw it, but he was so cool that I really felt respect for him. It’s okay not to film a movie together (laughs). I want to appear in the same work. He has his unique charm, and it’s really cool,” she answered cutely.

Regarding the role he wants to show or the role he wants to take in the future, she said, “I have played a lot of bright, wacky, and cute roles. In the future, I want to play a role that is a bit mature and cherishes sadness. I think the most important thing in acting is experience. I think I can do well by experiencing various experiences. The role I really wanted was the role played by Kim Min-hee of ‘Whacha’. I really want to do that kind of acting.”

When asked about his ideal type, she said, “There is a movie that I really like, and it is called ‘Buffalo 66’. I’ve seen it so many times. ‘Vincent Gallo’, the main character of this movie, is my ideal type. A man with a story (laughs). I like this kind of man because I think I can protect it and I think there will be consensus. And Hwang Jung-min (laughs). He is an actor and ideal type who wants to act with.”

When I asked Kwon Min-ah, who lives alone, about what he usually does at home, he said, “I watch movies, draw pictures, write writing, and drink alcohol. I often drink mixed drinks, but I usually drink wheat with snacks and soda while watching movies. I don’t like wine, but it’s not bad to drink, so I often drink wine. And because I really like to eat, I eat well by myself. If food is in front of you, don’t let go of your chopsticks even if you’re full. Someone has to put it away. There are very few foods to cover, but my favorite foods are yukhoe, sashimi, and pasta.”

What is the way to be happy for her? “I think it’s practice. In the past, I was really a family member, so I couldn’t go outside the house well and stay still. Even if I wanted to draw, I was just thinking ‘I want to draw’. I drew pictures myself and made cosmetics myself, and my life has changed a lot. If you want to do something, I think it’s good to do it without just thinking.”

If you look at Instagram, you may know that Kwon Min-ah has a dog. When I asked her what it means to be a dog, she said, “The dog ‘Mochi’ is really healing to me. I really like animals, but just looking still and the wound heals. I’m not raising it at my home, but at my mom’s. I really want to see you even now,” she expressed his affection for her dog.

Kwon Min-ah received a lot of support and encouragement from fans. When I asked her, “In fact, I didn’t know that so many fans would give me a message of support and encouragement. I’m really grateful for my self-esteem. Since I am a Gyeongsang-do award girl, I couldn’t express myself well to the fans, but I really appreciate it. In the future, I will try to communicate with my fans well.”

When I asked the public how they would like to be remembered, “I don’t want anything grand. You can just say ‘She’s okay~’ or ‘It’s okay to act.’ To that end, I will practice acting hard and work hard to become Kwon Min-ah who is more mature. “If I can act in commercial movies, independent films, TV dramas, and web dramas, I will try to appear anywhere.”

On the other hand, Kwon Min-ah is currently focusing on treatment if she was transferred to the hospital after choosing a theater war.

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