Park Gyu-young ‘A new charm’, different with her image on ‘Psycho, But it’s okay’

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

Actress Park Gyu-young caught the eye with a bold image transformation.

On the 13th, a pictorial cut of Park Gyu-young was released on the official SNS of the fashion magazine First Look. In the pictorial, Park Gyu-young showed a variety of charms by sensibly digesting various aspects from modern sophistication to faint innocence.

In the pictorial, Park Gyu-young drew attention with a charismatic facial expression and a black leather dress, adding a chic and sophisticated atmosphere. Then, wearing a white sleeveless, staring at the lens with a profound look at the lens is a cut with a dreamy atmosphere and innocent charm. I put it all in to enhance the completeness of the pictorial.

In the interview that followed, Park Gyu-young asked a question about her future goal, “My goal is to be remembered by many people as ‘an actress who can do anything.’ I want to cherish small roles and difficult works and build them up one by one.”

“I try not to be impatient to do well quickly. I want to be a good actor who keeps steadily and keeps track of my eyes for a long time.”

Park Gyu-young proved infinite possibilities as a growing actor by receiving great reviews for his anti-war acting skills through the tvN drama ‘Psycho, But It’s OK’.

Park Gyu-young’s colorful fashion pictorial can be checked through First Look’s official SNS, and the digital video will be released on the 17th.

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