[Photo] Healing program ‘Morning Yard’, always warm filming scene

[Reporter Kang Young-guk on Daily Economy Star Today]

The cast and production crew, who finished the live broadcast of the program, are enjoying taking commemorative photos.

Announcers Kim Jae-won and Lee Jung-min are posing with the cast with bright smiles.

‘Morning Yard’, a program with viewers

Announcer Kim Jae-won and announcer Lee Jung-min, who are in charge of the KBS1TV longevity program ‘Morning Yard’, met on the set of the KBS main building in Yeouido. ‘Morning Yard’, which leads the story with various changes every day, is an entertainment education program in which the viewer is the main character. After the program, it is warm to see the cast and production crew always on stage to share commemorative photos and greetings. Kim Jae-won, announcer Lee Jung-min, team leader Yeon Jong-woo, and PD Kang Ji-won are interviewing Maeil Business Daily Star Today.

Yeon Jong-woo and PD Kang Ji-won. We present a ‘morning yard’ that has become younger through various changes.

Announcer Kim Jae-won (from left), team leader Yeon Jong-woo, PD Kang Ji-won, and Lee Jung-min announcer who lead ‘Morning Yard’.


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