‘Real Kyung-gyu’ teaser released… Lee Kyung-gyu shows real ‘fun cool sec’

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

‘The Godfather of Entertainment’ Lee Kyung-gyu’s first digital content, ‘Real Kyung-gyu’ teaser video and poster were released soon.

Kakao M’s original digital entertainment ‘Real Kyung-gyu’ is a half-reality entertainment show that contains Lee Kyung-gyu’s first digital challenge. ‘Mormort’ is the first content produced by Kwon Hae-bom PD, and Yoon-Hwan Oh, who leads Kakao M’s digital content studio, will participate as a CP.

In the teaser video released on the 14th, Lee Kyung-gyu, who visited a press conference with magnificent music and brilliant lighting, and numerous reporters, throws a sign saying that he will conquer the digital world beyond TV. Already captivating everyone from 10 to 100 years old. He expressed his ambitious determination to calm the digital world by creating content. On this day, Lee Kyung-gyu said, “I have been protecting your home for the past 40 years, and I will go out of TV and enter the digital market for the first time. Cool! Be sexy! ‘I will show you through ‘Real Kyung-gyu’,” he expressed his treasured aspiration of ‘Fun & Cool & Sexy’.

Amidst the overflowing hoarding of laughter, the following photo time added interest by posing with the character ‘Ryan’ while fighting the center. While kissing Ryan, hugging him, and directing a cute pose, when he heard the desire of the photographers saying, “Don’t cover Ryan,” he couldn’t hide his frightening expression, but he continued his photo time pretending to be okay. .

A poster with a similar concept has also been released, drawing attention. Lee Kyung-gyu, who climbed to the stage amidst the crowd of reports, has a peculiar humorous and triumphant expression, and the opposite appearance of the Mormot PD, who seems to be embarrassed by wrapping his head under the stage, is depicted.

PD Kwon Hae-bom said, “Lee Kyung-gyu actually has a good level of TV entertainment, but the digital world is now like a newborn baby taking its first steps.” “In order to calm the digital world, Lee Kyung-gyu, the entertainment god, explores a new world where everything unfolds. Happening will give you a ‘deep smile’.”

‘Real Kyung-gyu’ is produced every 20 minutes and is scheduled to be released on Kakao TV in September.


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