‘Six months pregnant’ Choi Hee, a relaxed daily life with a cat

[Eul-hee Noh, Intern Reporter, Daily Economy Star Today]

Broadcaster Choi Hee revealed his cat and his relaxed daily life.

On the 14th, Choi Hee posted several photos on his Instagram on the 14th, saying, “Camera constitution poly. I’m not nervous about cameras! I’m a sleeper butler. You take”.

In the photo, Choi Hee is gazing softly while petting a cat lying on the sofa. Choi Hee is wearing a one-piece dress and is still proud of her innocent beauty even though she is 6 months pregnant. It seems that she is shooting on YouTube as the camera is installed at home.

The netizens who encountered the photos responded with “You look prettier during pregnancy”, “My sister is my role model”, “Poly is so cute”, and “Innocent and beautiful!”

Earlier, Choi Hee announced that she was pregnant through her YouTube channel and spoke about the change in weight. Choi-hee said, “After pregnancy, the front position of the body weight has changed. Can I go back?”, certifying the weight of 60.9kg.

Meanwhile, Choi Hee debuted as a sports announcer on the cable channel KBSN in 2010, and was loved by being called the ‘baseball goddess’. She married a non-celebrity businessman in April.


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