‘The King of Masked Singer’ Hyun-young reveals hidden dance instinct… Exciting explosion in ‘Sister’s Dream’

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

In ‘The King of Masked Singer’, Hyun-young’s hidden dance instinct is revealed.

In the MBC entertainment program ‘The King of Masked Singer’, which airs at 6:20 pm on the 16th, the stage of the singer ‘Ms Rose’.

Following last week, ‘Hip-Hop Daddy’ Yang Dong-geun, ‘All-round Entertainer’ Hyun-young, ‘Trot Brothers’ Kim Ho-joong & Park Gu-yoon, ‘Cool’ Kim Seong-soo, ‘Luxury Actor’ Kim Sun-kyung, 3 consecutive wins singer Lee Bo-ram & Ali, ‘Baktoven’ Park Hyun-woo, comedian O Ji-heon & Ahn Il-kwon & Lee Su-ji, LOONA’s members Chuu & Choerry add fun with sharp reasoning power.

In ‘The King of Masked Singer”, the dance instinct of ‘All-around entertainer’ Hyun-young wakes up and dyes the scene with delightful energy. As the melody of her hit songs ‘Sister’s Dream’ and ‘Love Revolution’ flowed, she couldn’t hide her excitement and went on the stage.

In addition, a stage without any concessions of talented players will be decorated to prevent the 5th consecutive victory of the singer ‘Ms. Rose’. The judges also send a heated cheer to the gorgeous selections of any genre, such as Park Jin-young, Kim Beom-soo, and Kim Jong-seo.

Meanwhile, ‘Original Swagger’ Yang Dong-geun uses his sharp reasoning power to draw attention. After seeing the stage of a masked singer, he said, “No way, but I think he’s right.” He even mentions the initials and shows off his sharpness. The curiosity is increasing whether Yang Dong-geun’s touch will be right.

The stage of the four masked singers who will break through the hot summer can be found at ‘The King of Masked Singers’ at 6:20 pm on the 16th.


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