‘Water Lilies’, No. 1 in the Diversity Movie Box… A meaningful start

[Reporter Han Hyeon-jeong, Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Water Lilies’ took first place in the box office of the variety film on the release date.

The movie is a sensuous and sensational growth drama of three girls, Marie, Florian, and Anna, who fall in love for the first time in their lives. After recording the first box office and 93% of the CGV Golden Egg index on the release date, it announced a meaningful start by keeping the first place in the CGV Art House reservation rate.

Before the release, it attracted attention by recording 99% of the CGV Free Egg Index and the No. 1 reservation rate at CGV Art House. It recorded a high number of 93% in the CGV Golden Egg Index, an index that can vividly see the ratings of actual visitors.

In particular, despite fewer than 100 screenings, large-scale Korean films such as ‘Okay! Madam’, which were released during the peak summer season in theaters, ‘Deliver Us from the evil’, ‘Steel Rain 2: Summit’, and ‘Pinando’ It is even more meaningful as it reveals an unrivaled presence among the people. In addition, CGV Art House’s reservation rate is also firmly at the top with 40.6%, raising expectations for future box office success.

‘Water Lilies’, which is attracting attention as a work that opened the opening of Celine Cinema World, is drawing endless praise from viewers for its excellent directing, the shining acting of the actors, a story that evokes empathy, and a message that gives a deep impression.

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