BLACKPINK broke the record of Eminem… YouTube TOP Artist 4th place

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

BLACKPINK, as a YouTube subscriber, surpassed pop star Ariana Grande and Eminem, rising to the world’s top female artist and 4th place in both men and women.

According to YG Entertainment on the 17th, the number of subscribers to Black Pink’s official YouTube channel exceeded 44 million at 9 am on the 16th. As a result, BLACKPINK has surpassed Eminem’s figures and has taken the top 4 spots of artists worldwide with the most subscribers, alongside Justin Bieber, DJ Marshmallow, and Eddie Sheeran. This is the first record of all K-pop artists.

This is the result of BLACKPINK’s debut in Korea after 4 years and about 1 year and 6 months into the US. In particular, the number of YouTube subscribers is the most objective indicator of overseas popularity and recognition, surpassing Eminem in the 23rd year of its debut, proving that BLACKPINK’s global influence and public base are wide.

BLACKPINK’s performance on YouTube is unrivaled, and the number is overwhelming. Black Pink, which is by far leading the K-pop single channel, is showing a terrifying pace with an increase of 100,000 people a day after the release of ‘How You Like That’.

The pre-release title song ‘How You Like That’, which was released on June 26, shook the world music market record. The music video recorded a surprising record of 86.3 million views on the first day, and was officially listed in a total of five categories in Guinness World Records, including ‘the most viewed YouTube video within 24 hours of public release’. Since then, it has exceeded 100 million views in about 32 hours, 200 million views in 7 days, and 300 million views in 21 days, showing a ‘YouTube Queen’. The choreography video of ‘How You Like That’ is also running toward 200 million views at a fast pace.

Black Pink, celebrating its 4th anniversary this year, has created numerous hit songs and has a total of 20 billion views on YouTube. The music video for ‘DDU-DU DDU-DU’, which exceeded 1.2 billion views, won the title of the most viewed music video of a K-pop group, and ‘Boombaya’ (900 million views) ‘Kill This Love’ (900 million views), ‘Like the last time (800 million views)’, music videos such as'(800 million views) are also marching for a billion views.

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK will present a collaboration song with world-renowned pop star Selena Gomez on the 28th. After that, the first full album will be released on October 2. With each album released, BLACKPINK, which is causing a sensation at home and abroad, is paying attention to what kind of repercussions and various new records will be set through this new song.

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