Ha Ri-soo “Remarriage with boyfriend? It wouldn’t be bad just for dating”

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

Singer Ha Ri-soo was cautious about the plan to marry her boyfriend.

Ha Ri-soo appeared on the YouTube channel ‘Lee Jin-ho, the second president of entertainment’, and released the story of a known boyfriend after appearing in MBN ‘Voice Trot’.

Lee Jin-ho asked “I hear a lot of stories about my boyfriend these days. Is there is a specific reason for revealing its existence”. Then, Ha Ri-soo said, “I seem to have a tendency to want to make me a female protagonist around me. I just wanted to say viewers that I’m fine, and that’s how I said that I have a boyfriend”.

Then, to reporter Lee Jin-ho’s question, “What kind of person is your boyfriend?”, “He’s a businessman, who is 4 years older than me. He is 180cm tall and is passionate about doing business, and is a reliable and cool person.” answered Ha Ri-soo.

Ha Ri-soo is recently appearing on the trot survival program ‘Voice Trot’. From the first broadcast, she sang ‘Within Ten Minutes’ and collected an explosive topic. In addition, she confessed that she has a boyfriend and received intense support from fans.

She carefully answered the question, “Are you thinking about remarrying with your boyfriend?” She said, “I think it’s half and half. There are certainly good marriages, but dating alone doesn’t seem bad. It would be nice to think of it as such a feeling in the popular drama ‘Once Again’.”

Regarding the determination to challenge the ‘Voice Trot’, she said, “It is not easy because I try to relive the ‘PongFeel’ that I discarded while doing techno at the beginning of my debut,” she said. In fact, Ha Ri-soo is known as a ‘donation angel’ who has consistently donated to her school and stray dog groups.

Lastly, she said, “Even in the hot summer, it seems that many people are having a hard time wearing masks.” “If we endure our adversities, I think, the difficult time will pass. I hope all of you can work together.”


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