Hwasa, as expected the food queen… “The best scene on Telegna”

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

Mamamoo Hwasa transforms into an eating goddess once again.

Hwasa started filming SBS ‘If it is appeared on TV'(hereinafter ‘Telegna’) on the 17th. On this day, the PPL mission confrontation was unfolded in ‘Team Battle’ following the last broadcast, and Hwasa and Hong Jin-young, who appeared as guests, became captains of each team and began to perform the PPL mission.

Before the start of the full-scale mission, the members held an operation meeting by eating bibimbap made from ‘Gapyeong agricultural products’ for each team. The production crew, who saw this appearance, couldn’t stop admiring, saying, “It was by far the best among the eateries from ‘Telegna’.

If you ate ‘gopchang, soy sauce crab, and kimbugak’, Hwasa of ‘Mokbang Queen’, who set a record for sale, raises questions about whether ‘Gapyeong agricultural products’ can also join the ranks of selling out.

During the PPL mission, Hwasa’s unique appearance, which has not been seen before, is also revealed for the first time. For the success of the PPL mission in the team mission, Hwasa suddenly performed a “quick dance” that seemed to shoot a ‘jangpyeong’, turning the set into a sea of laughter with a strange charm.

In addition, in this day’s shooting, Hwasa showed a passionate appearance devoted to the success of the PPL mission, spreading ‘toe fine skills’ for PPL object shooter. It is a message that this PPL mission confrontation, which repeated reversal and reversal, could not miss the tension of everyone until the end. The broadcast is at 10 pm on the 17th.


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