Ida Daussy accuses former husband… He hasn’t ever sent child support expense

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

Ida Daussy, a French broadcaster, claimed that he and his ex-husband had not received any child support for 10 years after divorce.

Ida Daussy directly participated in an interview for SBS special ‘I accuse my dad’ aired on the 16th and talked about the difficulties of parents and families who could not receive child support from their spouse after divorce.

Ida Daussy recently revealed the face of her ex-husband to ‘Bad Fathers’, which reveals the identity of non-custodial parents who have not paid child support. In an interview with the production staff, Ida Daussy confessed that he had not received any child support payments for his two children from his ex-husband for 10 years.

Ida Daussy said, “I have never received child support. At first, I waited a bit. After the divorce, I was so confused, so I thought that so did my ex-husband.” “But he hans’t ever sent child support expense and he never contacted the children.”

Ida Daussy visited and asked for help as soon as it was established in 2015, but the former husband was in a foreign country, and the claim that there was no economic margin. I have not received a penny. After considering about her conflict with her ex-husband, she decided to divulge his behavior.

The production crew also got in touch with the ex-husband of Ida Daussy. Her ex-husband, who is currently known to operate two Korean-related companies in Vietnam, said, “There is nothing to talk about. I’m in a personal position and I don’t want to talk about it.”

Ida Daussy said, “I had a lot of troubles before revealing my husband’s face to Bad Fathers.” “I consulted with the children, and the first one was asking why I’m still obsessed with the past. My first child completely forgot the existence of father. So there is no expectation. But the second was different. There is still a lot of anger in his young heart”.

Ida Daussy said, “I am sorry that I have to disclose it to Bad Fathers. But there was no way.” “Child support is not money to be paid to me, it is an eternal debt to our kids. I am also a Korean mother. I will not give up even for our children,” she added.

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