Kim Ho-joong’s solo fan meeting was completed… ‘Heungbuja’ Tvarotti radiates infinite charm

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

Kim Ho-joong of ‘Tvarotti’ finished the fan meeting with success.

On the 16th at 4pm and 8pm, Kim Ho-joong’s first solo fan meeting, ‘My Family’s First’ was held at KBS Arena.

On this day, Kim Ho-joong, who presented emotions from the beginning by singing ‘I love you more than me’, continued to be moved with ‘Cheonsangjaehoe’, ‘Grandmother’ and ‘Thank you’.

Kim Ho-joong attracted attention with his sensational and witty talk, while the chemistry with MC Kim Won-hyo and So-yeon, who were in charge of the 4 and 8 o’clock respectively, made’my first time in our family’ pleasant.

In addition to Kim Ho-joong’s live and talk, there was no stop to presenting attractions for the audience. From the stage of Yoon Seo-ryeong, who gathered attention by appearing in’Preference Broadcast’, the stage of Young-gi, Ahn Sung-hoon, Kim So-yu, and senior Jin Simon, who appeared as guests, attracted the ears and eyes.

Kim Ho-joong, who showed off a collaboration with Jin Simon and ‘You and Me’, showed off not only the dance but also the story of the story, and the appearance of a heung-buja on the stage of the management company’s family members Young-gi, Kim So-yu, Ahn Sung-hoon, So-yeon and Medley.

“It feels like a holiday, not a fan meeting or a performance, but a family feast where only people who really love and care are gathered”. Kim Ho-joong, who expressed his feelings with his fans, saying, “It is our own time, is very happy.” By ending the fan meetings on the 14th, 15th and 16th, Kim Ho-joong’s true nature also revealed.

Not only those who were on site, but also the 8 o’clock performance on the 16th was broadcast live through 20 CGV theaters nationwide, KT Olleh TV, and Seezn (seasonal), and the heat was transmitted to the theater and the home theater.

Kim Ho-joong, who successfully completed ‘My Family’s First Time’, is currently in various broadcasting activities.

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