Lovelyz, September 1st mini album ‘UNFORGETTABLE’ comeback

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

Group Lovelyz has released a dreamy coming soon video that stimulates the excitement of Lovelinus (fan club name).

Lovelyz’s agency, Woollim Entertainment, released the Lovelyz Coming Soon video through the official SNS channel at midnight on the 17th and announced a comeback on September 1.

The released Comingsoon video contains a woman wearing a red hair style and a white dress. The second hand of the clock, the alarm clock, and the sound of a loud bell, along with the sound of a mysterious rhythm, stimulated the infinite imagination.

In particular, women with a strange atmosphere are ‘LOVELYZ 7TH MINI’, ‘UNFORGETTABLE’, and ‘SEP. 01 RELEASE’ completed the puzzle, raising expectations for Lovelyz’s comeback, which will return to the music industry with their 7th mini album on September 1.

Lovelyz’s Coming Soon video, which completed a fantasy story with a unique sound and dreamy atmosphere, heralded another charm of Lovelyz, which had never been released, and was enough to focus the attention of fans.

Lovelyz meets fans in full one year and four months after the release of their 6th mini album ‘Once upon a Time’ in May last year. Until now, ‘Ah-Choo’, ‘Now, We’, ‘You of that day’, ‘We loved those days’, and so on. It stimulates curiosity whether it will give pleasure.

The management company Woollim Entertainment said, “Lovelyz is planning to meet fans with more upgraded visuals and skills. We look forward to seeing you and your interest in the complete comeback of Lovelyz, which will return in a variety of ways.”

Lovelyz will make a comeback to the music industry on September 1st with their 7th mini album ‘UNFORGETTABLE’ after 1 year and 4 months.

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