‘Junghee’ Cherry Bullet · Rocket Punch, fresh visual + honest talk…”Is Summer Queen greedy” (General)

[Eul-hee Noh, Intern Reporter, Daily Economy Star Today]

Girl group Cherry Bullet Ji-won, Yuju, Rocket Punch Juri, and Suyun captured the hearts of the listeners with a cool talk and live.

On the afternoon of the 18th, MBC FM4U ‘Afternoon’s Hope Song Kim Shin-young (hereinafter referred to as ‘Jung Hee’)’ featured DJ Shin Dong, girl group Cherry Bullet Ji-won, Yuju, and Rocket Punch Juri, Suyun as guests.

On this day, special DJ Shin Dong introduced Cherry Bullet and said, “Ji-won appeared in the ‘Girl Group Younger Sister Special’ in February. It’s been a while since then”. “I delivered a thank-you message after having a phone call with Jung Yong-hwa. I couldn’t confirm until the reply,” Ji-won recalled the appearance of ‘Junghee’.

Shin Dong asked Rocket Punch, “The two teams debuted and the time of their activities overlapped. Is it a rival or close relationship?” Rocket Punch Juri said, “I don’t think we’re a rival. We’re close. It’s because we bump into each other so often” and “But when we meet, I’m so excited that I’m nervous.”

Next, Shin Dong asked the two teams, “Cherry Bullet debuted in January, and Rocket Punch debuted in August. You are a group with the same motivation for their debut, so how about practicing each other’s dance in the waiting room?” Cherry Bullet Ji-won said, showing off their friendship, “I really practice. I have imitated the choreography of other girl groups”.

Shin Dong also asked about the diet secrets of Cherry Bullet and Rocket Punch.

Yuju said, “At the beginning of my debut, I only ate salad every time because I had to lose my weights, but now the agency provides pizza and desserts.” Also, Ji-won boasted, “We have a lot of appetite. Now we don’t need to lose our weights and eat everything we want to eat. We work hard. Now the company leaves the diet to individuals.” Juri, who heard this, said, “We still manage our diet at the company,” and said, “It’s too obvious when I’m monitoring.”

Rocket Punch did not forget to promote the new song ‘Juicy’. Juri and Suyun introduced, “This song is a summer season song where you can feel a refreshing and cool charm,” and “It’s a song that can make a cool punch in a hot summer.”

When Shin Dong asked, “K-pop community doesn’t have a summer Queen after SISTAR. What kind of charm do you think Rocket Punch has to become a Summer Queen?” Juri said, “We have our own cool charm. And there is energy.” Quinn) I’m greedy,” she honestly added.

Afterwards, Cherry Bullet continued to explain the song for the new song ‘Alohaoe’. Ji-won and Yuju explained, “‘Alohaoe’ means Hello Dear. This new song is a lovely cherry concept.” Yuju added, “This new song is a song where you can feel the coolness as if you are in a resort. The point is a fresh, lively and rhythmic addictive melody.”

When Shin Dong asked, “How is the difference between the last album ‘Bump your knees’ and this ‘Alohaoe’,” Ji-won said, “I feel a little stronger with the black concept of ‘Bumping the knees.’ This concept is better.” Boasted.

To the Cherry Bullet and Rocket Punch that conveyed freshness and energy in ‘Jung Hee’, the listeners praised and cheered as “New Summer Queen.” Cherry Bullet and Rocket Punch said, “It was a very happy time today and I hope you love this new song a lot. I have a lot of strength. I will work hard in the future.”

On the other hand, the girl group Cherry Bullet, to which Ji-won and Yuju belong, released a new song ‘Alohaoe’ on the 6th. The girl group Rocket Punch, which Juri and Suyun belongs to, released a new song ‘JUICY’ on the 4th and released a fresh look.


Photo| MBC Visible Radio Capture

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