Seoul International Women’s Film Festival, 102 screenings in 33 countries… Beginning in September

[Reporter Han Hyeon-jeong, Daily Economy Star Today]

The 22nd Seoul International Women’s Film Festival will be held from the 10th to the 16th of next month at Megabox Sangam World Cup Stadium and Indie Space, an independent film theater.

On the 18th, the festival held an online press conference and screened 102 films in 33 countries, and announced that it has confirmed the slogan of ‘Look at each other’ amid the pandemic (a global pandemic) called Covid-19.

Executive Chairman Park Kwang-soo introduced, “The characteristic of the 22nd Seoul International Women’s Film Festival is, in a word,’a bold attempt’ and a ‘hot participation’.”

“Rather than shrinking while preparing for the Covid-19 film festival, the Seoul International Women’s Film Festival focused on supporting female filmmakers after thinking more fundamentally about what it should be like and how to meet the audience, and more female films to meet the audience. I tried to find a way,” he said.

To this end, it participated in the’Save Our Cinema (#SaveOurCinema)’ campaign and expanded the theater to an independent film theater indie space.

It also focused on building a platform for female filmmakers. Through the ‘Female Filmmaker Support Project: Seeing Each Other in the Corona Era,’ you can meet the opening film completed by 50 teams of female filmmakers. ‘Pitch & Catch’, which recorded the highest number of entries ever, 165, ‘Film x Gender’, a short film production support hosted by the Korea Foundation for Equal Education and hosted by the Seoul International Women’s Film Festival, and ‘Documentary Okrang Culture Award’, a documentary production support program. did.

Following ‘Hummingbird’, ‘Thaw’,’Chinatown’ and ‘Ethics of Anger’, ‘Do not save me’ (2017 Megabox Award) and ‘Age 69’ (2018 Megabox Award) are about to be released. This year, attention is paid to what kind of movie will germinate its seeds through ‘Pitch & Catch’.

This program is largely divided into ‘Asian Shorts’, ‘New Wave’, ‘Issues’, ‘I-Teens’, and ‘Barrier Free’. First, ‘Asian Shorts’, which has played an important role in Korean and Asian female directors, was exhibited in 594 films from 17 countries this year. Through the ‘New Wave’ section, one of the core programs, you will meet 20 films by female directors from all over the world.

In addition to this, ‘I-Teens’ section, where you can meet 6 films that interpret the world seen through the eyes of teenagers, and ‘Skin Color = Honey Color’, directed by director Yoon Jong-bin and participated in screen commentary by actor Gong-dong. The’Barrier Free’ section follows.

Some of the entries will be screened simultaneously through the online video service ‘Wave’. The seven talks in the ‘Linkage: Director x Critic’ section and programs such as ‘Director vs. Director’ and ‘Star Talk’ are available through Naver TV’s Seoul International Women’s Film Festival SIWFF channel and official YouTube.

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