‘Space Sweepers’ Song Joong-ki “The first science fiction movie in Korea, attracted by the spirit of challenge”

[Reporter Han Hyeon-jeong, Daily Economy Star Today]

Song Joong-ki challenges the first Korean film science fiction.

Song Joong-ki introduced, “I’m glad to meet you in a long time. I took the role of pilot Kim Tae-ho” through the production report of the movie ‘Space Sweepers’ (director Jo Sung-hee), which was held online on the 18th.

‘Kim Tae-ho’, played by Song Joong-ki, is a former UTS squadron ace who became a pilot of ‘Space Sweepers’ after suffering an irreversible accident during the operation and being stolen. As if there is a job, anything that makes money is rushed.

Song Joong-ki said, “When you filmed director Jo Sung-hee’s previous work, ‘A Werewolf Boy,’ you talked about this movie.” “At that time, I only heard that it was a fun space science fiction action. After hearing the subject of space trash, it felt fresh.”

He added, “Moreover, I was attracted to the spirit of the challenge of doing a space science fiction movie for the first time in Korea.”

In 2092, the movie ‘Space Sweepers’ is a story of the crew of the space garbage sweeper ‘Seungriho’ jumping into a dangerous trade after discovering the humanoid robot ‘Dorothy’ known as a weapon of mass destruction. Released September 23.


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