‘The rising stars’ Hong Hyun-hee and Kwang-hee join the MC of ‘Long Life and Things to See’… Limited Express Chemi Notice

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

Comedian Hong Hyun-hee and boy group broadcaster Hwang Kwang-hee join the MC corps of MBN’s ‘Long Life and Things to See-Something Model’.

MBN’s ‘Long Life and Things to See’, which is scheduled for the first broadcast in October, is Korea’s first senior model audition program looking for ‘Senior Style Icon’, and the second half of life is the runway. It is a full-fledged 50-year-old project that depicts the story of middle-aged people over 50 who want to stand in the model challenge.

Above all, Hong Hyun-hee, who is active as a ‘fashion and beauty icon of low world tension’, spreads her own unique fashion and beauty tips, and sets out as a reliable mentor for senior model challengers.

In particular, Hong Hyun-hee is an experienced auditioner in the second time of her life who achieved her dream by challenging a public comedian while working as an employee of a pharmaceutical company before his comedian debut. Accordingly, it is expected to support the senior model challengers who are starting the second half of their lives by demonstrating their realistic audition skills.

In addition, Kwang-hee, who has always boasted an unstoppable no-filter talk and a sense of entertainment, is planning to energize the audition scene full of tension by radiating the charm of human vitamins with his unique bright energy.

He has recently established himself as an ‘entertainment cheatkey’, continuing his uninterrupted artistic sweep from’What do you do if you play?’ to ‘King of Negotiation’. In addition, he made a big success in various entertainment programs, such as obtaining the nickname of ‘professional helper’ through his unique affinity and witty talk, and has proven his’entertainment trend’.

On the other hand, the 50 gold project MBN’s ‘Long Life and Things to See-Somehow Model’ is a full-fledged 50 gold project of’knowing how to play’ and’knowing fashion’. Pull up.

In addition, it is known that a panel of judges composed of fashion people and guests as well as a special MC will appear every time to deliver a different joy.


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