‘Video star’ Yang Chi-seung, “Last call with Kim Woo-bin”…

[Intern reporter Lee Hae-jeong, Daily Economy Star Today]

Trainer Yang Chi-seung tells the current status of actor Kim Woo-bin.

MBC Every1’s ‘Video Star’, which airs on the 18th, is decorated with a special feature from an omniscient point of view, ‘I am the creator of this area,’ while the family of Jang Kwang & Mi-ja, Yang Chi-seung & Kim Dong-eun, will appear.

In the recording on this day, Yang Chi-seung showed off his shocking first meeting and first impressions with Kim Dong-eun, as well as showing off chemistry while dismissing each other throughout the recording.

Yang Chi-seung, who is also called the ‘hot body creator’ of top stars, opened his mouth to the recent situation of actor Kim Woo-bin, who was considered as’a love student’. He revealed that he had recently received a call to Kim Woo-bin, and showed off the friendship and loyalty between the priests that have continued warmly to this day. You can check the details of what Yang Chi-seung had with Kim Woo-bin through the broadcast.

In addition, Kim Dong-eun, a family member of the gymnasium who appeared together on this day, drew attention by revealing a beautiful story about Yang Chi-seung. Nowadays, many self-employed and citizens suffer after the outbreak of covid-19, Yang Chi-seung, who runs a gymnasium, is also suffering enormous losses by closing the gym for more than a month. However, it surprised everyone by saying, “Yang Chi-seung provided support for rent as well as additional salaries for employees living alone.”

In response, Yang Chi-seung said that it meant “let’s reorganize what we couldn’t do in the meantime when the time ran out”, revealing the aspect of a great person. MC Kim Sook also said, “I witnessed Yang Chi-seung’s shocking reversal in person.” What would have been the reversal of Yang Chi-seung that Kim Sook revealed was revealed through the broadcast.

This broadcast, which will be released from Yang Chi-seung & Kim Dong-eun’s striking chemistry to a warm beautiful story, can be found on MBC Every1 ‘Video Star’ at 8:30 pm on the 18th.


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