Baek Ji-young, MBN’s new entertainment show ‘Miss Back’ Girl group producer and life mentor

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

Singer Baek Ji-young will become a producer and life mentor in MBN’s new entertainment program ‘Miss Back’.

‘Miss Back’ is a story in which female idol singers, who have been forgotten in people’s memories, dream of a leap once again.It is a new concept documentary with a turning point that will become a ‘second heyday’ as a life song as well as hidden stories that have not been told. Tainment (Human Documentary + Show Variety) program.

Here, attention is being focused on saying that Baek Ji-young, the best singer in Korea, who struck her heart with numerous hit songs such as ‘I don’t love’, ‘As if I was shot’, ‘Don’t forget’, and ‘Candy in my ear’, is going to become a producer and mentor in life.

Baek Ji-young is going to show a big success as a psychological healing mentor who cares for the members’ vocal training as basic, even the hidden wounds in the heart. As a singer who’ve been working in 22 years old in the music industry and an advisor in life, fans are looking forward to seeing how to lead juniors who are about to start anew.

Like this, ‘Miss Back’ debuted as an idol, but singers who had to get away from the stage join hands with the best experts to create a turning point in life. The story full of sincerity is expected to capture the hearts of viewers by providing a bleak impression, and the performances and performances of talented challengers.

It is paying attention to who will become a girl group member who will get a life song from ‘Miss Back’ and reach the turning point.
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