‘My dream is Ryan’ MV released… Full of charms of the clay spoon mascot

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

Kakao M’s original digital entertainment ‘My Dream is Ryan’ has released a music video containing the cute charms of the clay spoon mascots.

‘My Dream is Ryan’ is a survival entertainment in which ‘Senior Ryan’ is a role model, and dirt spoon mascots from all over the country enter the world’s first mascot art general school ‘Mayejong’ and challenge themselves to become senior graduates. As soon as the short teaser video containing the appearance of the mascots was first released on the 13th, the number of views reached 200,000 in 5 days, and already, Kakao TV’s official social media as well as various communities have been attracting attention, such as declaring a virtue.

The music video released this time reveals the characters of the mascots secretly, but also captures various cute charms intact with the signal song. Following the ‘Avengers-class’ intro, which appears with treasured background music in the faint fog, the mascots performing storm dance to the upbeat music make laughter. The cute and laughable appearances, such as acrobatic movements and hip b-boying dances, are raising expectations for the content.

The music video also slightly reveals the various stories of each mascot, raising questions about their deeper stories. ‘Kkoomdoli’ who decides to enter the Mayejong while looking at the poster with his friend ‘Kkoomsooni’, the ‘Winnie’ family who embraced with joy after receiving the acceptance notice of Mayejong, and ‘Conpaca’, the mascot of the Korea Handball Association Serving or serving as a hero mascot, ‘Shamo’ working as a fried chicken restaurant, quickly cleaning the table by teleporting, while working as a public official in Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do,’Bucheon Handrow’ accidentally discovers a poster for recruiting new students of Mayejong, etc. It makes you laugh.

Not only this, but also the appearances of the Mayejong were slightly revealed, and interest is increasing. The school life of the mascots unfolding in the Mayejong was revealed, such as the scene of wearing a school uniform and having an entrance ceremony, taking a test during class or competing for attention. Kim Hee-cheol, the head of the student, and Shim Hyung-Tak, who is in charge of the homeroom, appear as amazed with a strict, serious appearance with a faculty card on the neck and holding a student department and a pointer in their hand, and are raising expectations.

‘My Dream is Ryan’ is scheduled to be released on Kakao TV in September.


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