‘Unbelievable’ Lee Haneul reveals the latest situation after divorce… “Corn farming in Jeju Island”

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

Group DJ DOC member Lee Haneul’s recent status was revealed.

On the SBS entertainment program ‘Young Fire’, which aired on the 18th, the youth who went on a summer trip to Jeju Island were drawn.

On this day, Koo Bon-seung said, “Someone has sent me a gift.” “Lee Haneul, who is farming in Jeju Island, went to catch me with me the day before instead of farming.” In the live fish car that appeared, there were hanchi and squid caught by Koo Bon-seung and Lee Ha-neul.

Lee Haneul, who had previously held a spot with Koo Bon-seung, met the production crew. Lee Haneul said, “Please catch the silhouette from a distance,” when the production crew said, “Once greetings to the viewers”. Hearing this, Koo Bon-seung indirectly referred to Lee Haul’s divorce, saying, “It’s because I’ve been through a big deal recently.”

Meanwhile, Lee Haneul rang a wedding ceremony with his 17-year-old non-celebrity girlfriend in 2018, but was broken in February after a year and four months of marriage.


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