‘Voice Trot’ U.S. high-pitched melody vs. Sorrowfulness Ha Hyeon-gon, death match

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Voice Trot’ UP10TION Sunyoul and Click-B’s Ha Hyeon-gon face up with a death match.

On the 21st, MBN’s 20 billion project ‘Voice Trot’ (planning/directing Park Tae-ho) will have a more intense 3rd round death match. ‘Voice Trot’ recorded the number one audience rating in the same time period including the full episode and cable for 6 consecutive weeks, and is coloring Friday night with trot fever. Last week, when the third round started, they also vomited that they were number one in all channels including terrestrial.

In the 3rd round of ‘Voice Trot’, which is causing the syndrome every time, 40 challengers will face a 1:1 death match battle. Each challenger sings one song at a time and then adds up the scores of the legend judges and audience evaluation team to determine the winners and losers. Death match opponents are randomly determined.

Among them, Sunyoul and Ha Hyeon-gon, who joined as a team of ‘Mr. Ha and Children’ in the second round team mission, have a death match battle, raising expectations. Sunyoul said, “It will show the youngest’s rebellion,” and Ha Hyeon-gon said, “I made a lot of concessions as a leader in the second round, but there is no concession in the third round.”

The melody colored the scene with trepidation by showing crazy treble, intense choreography, and trot shouting without limits. Legend judge Park Hyun-bin said, “It was a really cool stage. The treble goes up a lot higher than me.”

Ha Hyeon-gon made the hall into a sea of tears with the stage of the singer’s 21st year debut. He sang a private song for my mother, “I was very busy with Click-B, but my mother has never seen a stage where I get spotlighted. There was always a limit.” Ha Hyeon-gon’s mother who watched his performance at the audience also poured out tears.

Interest and expectations are amplified in the confrontation between the new and old idols without any concessions on who will advance to the fourth round among the melodies that showed off the proprietary treble and Ha Hyeon-gon who sang a private song of tears. The death match of the 3rd round of death decision can be confirmed in the 7th episode of ‘Voice Trot’, which airs at 9:50 pm on Friday the 21st.


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