‘Cashback’ fierce first shoot…Who will win the final?

[Intern reporter Lee Hae-jeong, Daily Economy Star Today]

Who will be honored to win the ‘Cashback’ final?

‘Cashback’ is an extra-large sports game show jointly organized by CJ ENM and the leading American TV program producer, Bunim-MurrayProductions. ‘Cashback’, which was aired in a two-part series in April, has a total of six sports, martial arts, ice, wrestling, basketball, water polo, and gymnastics, and 18 national-level athletes gathered together as ‘Cashmon Hunters’.

On the 18th, in the first preview video released by the production crew of ‘Cashback’, the appearances of the cast aiming for the championship and prize money were drawn. Although the teams are different, the resolutions and game scenes of the Hunters with the same purpose of ‘winning’ were revealed. Participants who were confident of winning the championship with their excellent physical and experience, and the hunters who sharpened their swords because they could not take the glory of winning at the time of the last pilot caught the eye.

Hwang Chi-yeol, who led the Hunters team as the captain at the time of the pilot, said, “I should have won, but I fell unfortunately.” Lee Sang-hwa, too, is expected to heat up the heat of the cashback stadium, which he visited again with the comment, “I will definitely win this time.”

Meanwhile, the lineup of the 2nd cast members who joined ‘Cashback’ starting next week’s campaign was revealed on the 20th. Model Moon Soo-in, actor Seo Ji-seok, Kim Seung-hyun, model Jang-min, Julien Kang, comedian Kim Won-hyo, singer Baek-ho, volleyball coach Kim Se-jin, former basketball player Woo Ji-won, judo coach Jo Jun-ho, singer Sean, Eun-hyuk, and Ha Sung-woon announced the joining. The attention is focused on what kind of activities and skills they will show off as celebrities who are said to be in each field transform into Hunters.

tvN ‘Cashback’ is a super-sized sports game show, depicting fierce physical battles of high-ranking physical fighters. First broadcast at 9 pm on the 25th.


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