Cho Hang-jo, untact concert held on September 19th…Kim Chang-yeol → Ali support shooting

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

Singer Cho Hang-jo meets fans with a fresh performance that will overcome the Covid-19 crisis.

Cho Hang-jo will hold an Untact concert on September 19th through Kakao TV.

Through the Untact Concert on this day, Cho Hang-jo will perform various hit songs such as ‘Because I’m a Man’ and ‘Lie’, while communicating in real time through messengers to build special memories.

Prior to this, ‘Cho Hang-jo Audio Concert Preview’ will be held to support Cho Hang-jo’s Untact Concert at 7 pm on the 22nd. This preview concert, featuring numerous junior singers, is a relay that lasts about 3 hours.

In particular, DJ DOC’s Kim Chang-yeol and Ali, Trot Shin-dong Jang Song-ho, Yoon Tae-gyu, Baek Mi-hyun, Lee Seung-hoon, and Woo Jong-min will appear in the preview concert to sing not only their own songs, but also Cho Hang-jo’s hit songs.

In the preview concert, which is held for free, information on how to purchase and participate in the performance of the Cho Hang-jo audio concert held on September 19, the concert can be viewed by anyone by simply searching for ‘Cho Hang-jo Audio Concert Preview’ in the main window of Kakao and clicking the added channel.

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