‘Deliver Us From Evil’ 4 million eyes, placed 1st on the 15th day [MK Movie]

[Reporter Han Hyeon-jeong, Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Deliver Us From Evil’ took the first place on the 15th day, taking the theater district.

According to the Integrated Computer Network of the Film Promotion Committee on the 20th, the movie’But Save From Evil’, which Hwang Jeong-min and Lee Jung-jae reunited seven years after ‘Shinsegae’, mobilized 63,920 audiences during the day on the 19th, and the cumulative number of audiences 3,874,995 People were recorded.

‘Deliver Us From Evil’ was followed by ‘Okay! Madam’. During a day, 38,516 spectators watched, and the cumulative number of spectators reached 1,011,203, and held second place.

In addition, the complementary sequel of ‘Steel Rain’, ‘Steel Rain 2: Summit’, mobilized 5677 audiences during the day, recording a cumulative audience of 1,757,871, placing it in third place.

Christopher Nolan’s first masterpiece, ‘Memento’, which was reopened, started in fourth place with 4513 spectators attending during the day and a cumulative audience number of 33,396. Here, the sequel to ‘Train to Busan’, ‘Peninsula’, was pushed to 5th place with 2,927 daily audiences and 379,5745 cumulative audiences.


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