KRYSTAL, leopard pattern is also perfect…’brain-like eyes’

[Intern reporter Lee Hae-jeong, Daily Economy Star Today]

Group F(X) member and actor Krystal shook men’s hearts with provocative eyes.

On the 20th, Krystal posted a photo on her Instagram without any comments.

In the released photo, Krystal is showing off her sexy charm by rubbing her hair with both hands. The alluring beauty of Krystal, which was easily digested with an unconventional leopard-patterned shirt with a hooked chest, catches the eye. In the picture, the point is her attractive eyes. Crystal’s intense gaze throws a powerful temptation sign without a word.

Recently, Krystal is enthusiastic about shooting the OCN drama ‘Search’, which is scheduled to be broadcast in the second half of the year.

Meanwhile, Krystal’s contract with the current agency SM Entertainment will expire at the end of this month. Although currently discussing the renewal of the contract, the opinion that Krystal is taking a new leap forward as an actor has been gaining strength. It is paying attention to what kind of decision the Krystal, which has a variety of charms that has come to the stage, screen, and home theater, will decide.

Photo| Crystal SNS

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