OnlyOneOf Track List Revealed… Music beyond the idol frame

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

Group OnlyOneOf has released a new album track list and has started a full-fledged comeback countdown.

OnlyOneOf’s new album ‘Produced by [] Part 2’was released on the 20th at 0 o’clock on various SNS official accounts, with the track list unveiled and the overall outline appeared.

The title song ‘a sOng Of ice & fire’, produced by Groovy Room, was placed on track 2. It is a song that raises expectations with a visual fantasy where the colors of ice and fire intersect through the teaser released earlier. It is a song that was created based on the original novel of ‘Game of Thrones’, a worldwide blockbuster, which is drawing more attention.

Track 1 is the ‘Birthization’ produced by Seo Samuel, who is known as the ‘God of Senses’. They sing the most exciting and ‘beginning’, each with a special story. The meaning of the beginning is different, but the meaning of all preciousness is dissolved in the music. It stimulates curiosity about how the collaboration between Seo Samuel and OnlyOneOf, constantly pursuing new and sophisticated music, will be expressed.

‘Off Angel’, who worked with producer Bae Jin-ryul, made the finale on track 3. It is a song that touches the opposite point of ‘angel’ produced by Gray in the last ‘Part 1’album. This time it symbolizes the so-called ‘wingless angel’. It means the angel of the present and this space. While looking at us today, he conveys the message that we should not feel pitiful or pity that we have no wings.

RSVP, the music label of 8D Creative, said, “OnlyOneOf’s identity is universal and clearly distances itself from duplicated music.” It was the homework given to him. We tried not to get stuck in the idol frame too much, and our music and thoughts tried to transcend that.”

OnlyOneOf’s new album ‘Produced by [] Part 2’ will be released on the 27th at 6pm.

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