‘Radio Star’ Lee Hee-jun “My wife Lee Hye-jeong was out of contact for 3 weeks before marriage, I still don’t understand”

[Intern reporter Lee Hae-jeong, Daily Economy Star Today]

Actor Lee Hee-jun confided that he did not understand he couldn’t contact Lee Hye-jeong just before marriage.

In the MBC entertainment program ‘Radio Star’ aired on the 19th, actors Na Moon-hee, Lee Hee-jun, Choi Won-young, comedian and actor Lee Su-ji appeared as guests as a special MC with actor Jung Il-woo.

On this day, Lee Hee-jun confessed to his experience of being shocked by his wife Lee Hye-jeong at the time of marriage.

Lee Hee-jun said, “My wife was suddenly out of contact for three weeks before the marriage. I was so embarrassed, but there are cases like that.”

“Lee Hye-jeong disappeared, saying, ‘I think you don’t love me’. I finally found my wife after a week. She told me to go to the Han River. I met her and said she got into her car. I don’t know what I did wrong. I apologized and said, ‘Let’s go home’, and ‘I love you’.”

Lee Hee-jun responded to the question “I still don’t understand well,” he said, “That’s right. I still don’t understand well. When I talk at that time, my wife also says, ‘Have I behaved that way?'” He showed the appearance of a brave lover who understands even his wife’s unexpected behaviors.

Meanwhile, Lee Hee-jun married model Lee Hye-jeong in April 2016 and has a son. Lee Hye-jeong is a model who was a basketball player and is also active as a broadcaster by appearing in JTBC2’s ‘Cheating Sisters’ last year.


Photo| MBC broadcast screen capture

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