Sam Okyere had an interview with BBC “Koreans barely understood the meaning of Blackface”

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

Broadcaster Sam Okyere talked about the blackface racism controversy.

On the 13th (local time), the BBC released an article titled ‘Sam Okyere: Black Men Resist Korean Racial Discrimination’. The article contained the contents of the issue that Sam Okyere raised the issue after viewing the graduation photo of Uijeongbu High School on the 6th.

Sam Okyere introduced himself in an interview, saying, “I feel that I have a lack of awareness and interest in Africa and I am working in the entertainment industry by reducing my sense of distance.”

He then mentioned that Uijeongbu High School students criticized the recent parody of the “crowned boy band”, which has recently emerged as a meme online, and said, “I know that racist behavior hasn’t made the students paint their faces black. But I intented to point out blackface itself is originated from racism that many Africans and multinational countries shun.” He added, “That, however, was unfamiliar in Korea, so there was a lot of debate, and there were many reactions that we didn’t understand.”

In addition, regarding the tearing of eyes at the time of the broadcast of the JTBC entertainment program ‘Abnormal Summit’, which was controversial for disparaging Asians, he said, “I tried to distort my face as much as possible without the purpose of imitating or degrading Koreans.” He explained. “But if you take it badly, you can.”

On the 6th, Sam Okyere uploaded photos of Uijeongbu High School students and said, “This is a very unpleasant behavior for black people. Please don’t do it. I hope there is no such behavior in Korea,” he criticized.

However, while talking about respect for culture, there was controversy over the fact that the students’ photos were released without mosaics, the English content was slightly different from the Korean content, and the use of’Teakpop’, which criticized K-pop as a hashtag, was controversial. In response, Sam Ochwiri explained, “I didn’t mean to depreciate the students at all,” and said, “I tried to express my opinion, but I crossed the line and I am sorry to upload photos without students’ permission. I respect the privacy of students and made a mistake in that part.” did.

Also, regarding the use of the hashtag ‘Teakpop’, which means K-pop gossip, among the hashtags, he said, “I didn’t know you were talking badly about Korean K-pop. If I knew, I wouldn’t have used this hashtag at all.” It is by no means that education is wrong. I wasn’t referring to Korean education, but it was enough misunderstanding.”

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