SBS fall reorganization, ‘Trot God’ and ‘Delicious Rendezvous’ 9 o’clock forward arrangement…’The Law of the jungle’ first broadcast on the 29th

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

SBS will introduce a fall reorganization to lead the content competitiveness in the second half.

From August 31st, SBS will deploy competitive content forward at 9pm on weekdays in accordance with changed lifestyle patterns such as increased home time and home time due to Corona 19.

▶ Mon-Tue 9 PM SBS liberal arts superpower formation-Mon ‘Master of life’, Tue ‘Capture the moment’

The existing ‘Master of Life’ will be broadcast on Monday at the beginning of the week at 9 PM, and at 9 PM on Tuesday, ‘Capture the moment’ will be moved from Thursday. Traditionally, the ‘Master of Life’ and’Capture the Moment’, which have traditionally established themselves as the representative liberal arts powerhouses of SBS, are responsible for the 9 PM on Monday, Tuesday. Following this, the SBS Mon-Tue Drama resumes at 10 o’clock. The Mon-Tue Drama ‘Do You Like Brahms?’, which deals with the story of the breathtaking dreams and love of classical music students standing on the border of twenty-nine, debuts on Monday, August 31.

▶ SBS Killer Entertainment Advancement Arrangement at 9 PM on Wednesdays-Wednesday ‘Trot god Outing-Last Chance’, Thursday ‘Delicious Rendezvous’

A new project is introduced under the subtitle of’Last Chance’, which is broadcasted an hour earlier as of 9 PM on Wednesday, attracting attention. The first broadcast on September 9th,’Trot god Outing-Last Chance’ is a trot survival audition that finds names for unknown singers who have lost their names and stages in the aftermath of Covid-19, Nam Jin, Kim Yeon-ja, Seol Woon-do, Joo Hyunmi, Jinseong, Jang Yoonjung. The differentiating point is that 6 trot gods, such as mentors, give one-point lessons to participants. Then, at 10:35 pm, ‘Alley Restaurant’ is broadcast.

At 9 pm on Thursday, the ‘Delicious Rendezvous’ will be placed forward. Then, starting at 10:35, the ‘Black Edition’ zone will be established to introduce a seasonal program that aims at the taste groups that lead the culture. The first season, the story of the day when the pilot was aired on the 2049 floor, is a more powerful episode, which will visit viewers on September 17.

▶’The Law of the Jungle’, which came back at 9 PM on Saturday…First broadcast on August 29

The ancestor of adventure, the power of Saturday entertainment, ‘The Law of the Jungle’ will return from August 29th at 9pm on Saturday. For the first time ever, ‘The Law of the Jungle in Wild Korea’, which is broadcast in a special domestic edition, is expected to create a sense of tension by unfolding a blockbuster-class survival mission called ‘Survive from an unexpected disaster.’

Starting with ‘Eternal Chieftain’ Kim Byung-man, Korean specialty siblings Park Chan-ho, Park Se-ri, basketball star wealthy son Heo Jae and Heo-hoon, comedian representative couple Lee Bong-won, Park Mi-seon, and finally, surprising duo Choo Seong-hun and Cheong-ha that arouse curiosity. It raises the curiosity of what kind of survival period the people who suddenly fall to a remote island with their family and best friends who share their daily lives will show.

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