Shinsegae Vice Chairman Jeong Yong-jin is embroiled into the controversy over illegal shooting of ‘Deliver Us From Evil’

[Reporter Han Hyeon-jeong, Daily Economy Star Today]

Shinsegae Vice Chairman Jeong Yong-jin took a picture of the screen during the screening of the movie ‘Deliver Us From Evil’, and uploaded it on social media. Vice-Chairman Jeong revised and republished the photo, but controversy remains.

On the 19th, vice chairman Jung Yong-jin said on his SNS, “I went to the movie theater in a million years, and there are two audiences (including me). I was comfortable looking at it, but I was worried” and posted a picture.

The picture contains the screen of the movie ‘Deliver Us From Evil’. It is presumed that Vice Chairman Jeong Yong-jin uploaded the picture, worrying about the empty theater again due to the re-proliferation of Covid-19 (a novel coronavirus). However, whatever the intention was, it is illegal to shoot and post screens during screening.

Article 104-6 of the Video Works Act (prohibition of recording video works, etc.) prescribes that ‘anyone shall not record video works protected by copyright at movie theaters, etc., using recording devices or transmit to the public without permission from the copyright holder.’

After controversy, Vice-Chairman Jeong re-posted a picture with few movie scenes.

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