“Thanks to the sweet friend” Yang Dong-geun “Jung Yong-hwa and collab single, skate”

[Eul-hee Noh, Intern Reporter, Daily Economy Star Today]

Singer and actor Yang Dong-geun shared the story of Jung Yong-hwa and his duet song released five years ago.

On the T-Cast E-channel entertainment program ‘Good Friends,’ which aired on the 19th, Yang Dong-geun visited a skate house in Jayang-dong, Seoul, and released a special episode. The members were surprised when a photo of Yang Dong-geun, taken with Jung Yong-hwa and Jung Hae-in, appeared at the bar.

In response, Yang Dong-geun said, “I became close by appearing in the  drama ‘Three Musketeers’ with Yong-hwa, and at that time, I was a skater in this house.”

Then he said, “(Jung Yong-hwa) did not remember this house, and later called me in reverse. It was a time when it was difficult to come out at night because I had a baby”. He said, “Yong-hwa made a song under the title of’Mileage’ and the two worked together.”

On this day, the members of ‘Good Friends’, including Yang Dong-geun, Haha, Jang Dong-min, Kim Jong-min, Song Jae-hee, and Choi Philip, each went on a friendship tour with memories. Haha’s Gapyeong, Jang Dong-min’s Cheorwon, and Yang Dong-geun’s Jayang-dong, Seoul, shared their memories. In Gapyeong, Choi Philip became a hero among the extreme missions with his high-level wakeboarding skills, and in Cheorwon, Haha, a former public service worker, showed off his anti-war skills.

In the moving bus, Kim Jong-min’s days of public service were summoned and made a laugh. Kim Jong-min was mainly in charge of attending with undecided persons, but Haha, who worked with him at the court at the time, recalled that “Judge told him to go out when he saw Jong-min.” He then said, “The trial is going on in a really serious situation, but if Jong-min appeared, everyone asked me to go out with laughter.”

‘Good Friend’ is aired every Wednesday at 8:30 pm on T-Cast E channel.


Photo courtesy| E channel’Chinhan Friend’

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