‘Voice Trot’ Moon Hee-kyung showed filial piety…All-crown Kim Hyun-min and all-time big match

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Voice Trot’ Moon Hee-kyung pours out a cry of filial piety.

In MBN’s 20 billion project ‘Voice Trot’ (planning/directing Park Tae-ho), aired on the 21st, a more grim 3rd round 1:1 death match unveiled.

‘Voice Trot’ recorded the number one audience rating in the same time period including the full episode and cable for 6 consecutive weeks, and is coloring Friday night with trot fever. Last week, when the third round began, it ranked first in all channels including terrestrial, proving the syndrome of ‘Voice Trot’.

In this week’s broadcast, Moon Hee-kyung, who was the grand prize at the Riverside Music Festival, and Kim Hyun-min, who shined in the 1st Round All Crown, will be selected as a 1:1 death match partner and will show a challenging confrontation.

Both of them have been selected as strong candidates for the championship, raising unanimous praise and topics throughout the first and second rounds. In the confrontation between the best applicants, the recording site was filled with trembling tension.

In particular, Moon Hee-kyung twisted the stage by expressing her desperate filial piety with a screaming scream. It was said that “This is countless!” was poured out from the auditorium as well as from the judges’ seats. In the first round, he revealed his sad story about his father who had suffered from a brain hemorrhage and turned his home into a sea of five. In the 3rd round, it is said that the deeper emotions and tears created an unforgettable scene.

The stage of the all-crown myth Kim Hyun-min is also challenging. Kim Hyun-min, who confessed, “I met the opponent I most wanted to avoid,” overwhelmed the audience with a modest high-pitched sprint as he went up on the stage. On the stage of Kim Hyun-min, legend judge Nam Jin said, “I don’t say this well…” Legend jury member Kim Yeon-ja was highly praised by saying, “Both of them have 100 points” for a big match beyond imagination.

On the other hand, after finishing the stage, Moon Hee-kyung is said to have complained that “I am resentful”, and the reason for this is more curious. Moon Hee-kyung becomes more curious as to whether he will be able to advance to the next round by defeating Kim Hyun-min, and whether he will be able to capture the hearts of the judges and audience evaluation team with the filial piety of tears.

‘Voice Trot’, which will unfold a successive death match, will be broadcast on Friday the 21st at 9:50 pm.

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