‘Was it Love?’

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

Kim Min-joon’s fatal poten explodes today (20th).

JTBC Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Was it Love?’ He was kidnapped for resembling. Goo Pado (Kim Min-joon)’s son Dong-Chan (Yun Seong-woo), who was in the same organization as her daughter Hani (Eom Chae-young), was also present.

‘Damzai’ was a man who loved the waves but could not protect them. The guilt led to the affection of a woman who resembled ‘Damzai’, and the waves promised to keep only affection. So, like a long-legged uncle, whenever the affection was difficult, I helped him out of sight. However, ’24K’ kidnapped affection just because he was next to him.

Even though he didn’t express it, he lost his temper when even his son Dong-chan, whom he cherished more than anyone else, was taken away. This was the reason why he ran with all his might to catch up with the van where his son was riding with affection.

The eyes of the waves, which I will surely protect this time, gave a foreboding to the release of dangerous and sexy charms. And in the still cut that was released before the main broadcast, a desperate wave was captured to protect their people, setting fire to expectations. The level of masculinity is exceeding on a face stained with blood and sweat due to open eyes and bloody blood. It is expected that even a second will not be able to draw attention to the broadcast today (20th), which will mass release the’Scary but Sexy’ charm of Waves only.

Accordingly, the production crew announced that “the 14th broadcast will be a perfect episode to appreciate the charm of Goo Pado,” raising the expectations of viewers who are suffering from waves. In addition, “The narrative of the waves entangled in ‘Damzai’ will be revealed, and you will be able to meet his passionate paternal love. We ask for your interest and love for the broadcast today (20th), where you can check the various charms of waves.”

The 14th episode of ‘Was it Love’ will be broadcast on JTBC at 9:30 pm on Thursday (20th).


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