Kim Ji-hye: “I promised to marry Kim Young-cheol” a shocking remark

[Eul-hee Noh, Intern Reporter, Daily Economy Star Today]

Comedian Kim Ji-hye revealed an anecdote that promised to marry Kim Young-cheol when she was a rookie.

Comedian Park Joon-hyung, Kim Ji-hye, and broadcaster Ham So-won, and Jin-hwa couple, who are known as parakeet couples in the entertainment industry, come to the JTBC entertainment program ‘Knowing Bros’ on the 22nd.

In the recent recording of ‘Knowing Bros’, the couple showed off their unique ‘Couple Chemie’ and gave them a cool smile. In particular, Ham So-won showed a fighter full of greetings from the beginning and began to suppress the spirit, while her husband, Jin-hwa, showed off his fresh charm by direct comments.

Kim Ji-hye gave a big smile throughout the recording with ‘Kim Young-cheol Revelation Exhibition’. Kim Ji-hye surprised everyone by saying, “I promised to marry Kim Young-cheol in the past.” She added, “I received a lot of love counseling from Kim Young-cheol, a motive of KBS comedian when I was a rookie”. Thus, the two each made a promise to date three lovers, and to marry each other if there is no good partner.

In addition, Kim Ji-hye said, “At the time of recording ‘strong heart’ in the past, I was not a ‘Kang Ho-dong victim’, but a ‘Kim Young-cheol victim’.” The members of Knowing Bros urged, “Let’s unravel the episode right now,” and at the end of the incident Kim Ji-hye revealed, the recording site was mixed up. Also, the back door that Park Joon-hyung’s reaction mixed with anger overheard the scene turned the scene into laughter.

Kim Ji-hye’s ‘Kim Young-cheol’ exposure exhibition, which made the studio confusing, can be found in JTBC’s ‘Knowing Bros’, which airs at 9 pm on the 22nd.

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